A Propst Christmas

Since Brent and I have been together, we have always swapped back and forth between our families for Christmas.  One of the many cons of having his family so far away is missing them even more through the holiday season.  Christmases are HUGE for Brent’s dad.  His family always jokes that he literally LIVES for Christmas time.  And then once we all leave town the day or two after Christmas he probably sleeps for an entire week.  I will give him credit where credit is due, he definitely knows how to think of the perfect and most meaningful and usable gifts.   Gift time is always so much fun with the kids.  Now that I think about it, I think Myah opened all of my gifts for me! LOL  (She’s 3 and perfectly adorable)  Christmases with kids are just so priceless.


Later that night we took a drive to see what they call “Festival of Lights”.  Of course the kids put in to ride with Uncle Brent and Aunt Tonya so we had the kiddos with us.   We were listening to Chirstmas carols and looking at all the lights.  The kids were in my lap and singing their little carols and being bright eyed by all the lights.  I looked at Brent and tried to soak up that moment.  It’s at those tender little times in life that you just want to remember forever.  It’s those times that mean the most to me and help me remember what life is all about…



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  1. Makes a mothers heart smile 😉

  2. Glad you two had a Merry Christmas! xo

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