Christa and Kyle’s wedding sneak peek – Jacksonville Wedding Photography

Christa and Kyle are such a dear couple to me.  Christa and I have gotten so close over the year or so that we’ve known each other.   There have been LONG chats over lunch and facebook im’s, and we’ve both leaned on each other for the stress of life and wedding planning.  Kyle is such a gem of a man.  He is so good to her, and literally treats her like a queen. 

Christa was absolutely gorgeous, as usual.  Being that we were at the Hyatt dowtown made for gorgeous photos with the Main street bridge in the background.

The ceremony was so touching.  Their first look was filled with tears.  Kyle is so not the crying type, but even he couldn’t hold back his tears.  I was turned to face him first when Christa walked out, and I can say that from the MOMENT he saw her…he just couldn’t hold it.  This is a couple that has such an amazing love for each other.


Here is one of the last shots of the night.  Carlton McGee had a FUN reception going, and it shows!!!  This is everyone singing to “Don’t stop believing”…a classic last song for any reception!  Prior to this was all the groomsmen with their shirts off, circled around Kyle singing to him.  It was definitely an entertaining evening to say the least!


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