Family Time!

One of my sisters lives about 5 hours away and was passing through Gainesville so we all met to see each other.  Rarely is all of my immediate family together so of course I brought a camera.  I am so blessed with such an amazing family.


These are all my nephews and niece.  The oldest is Alex, who is 11 and my middle sister's kid.  Then there is Brynna who is 3, Brayden who is 2, and Braxton is about 6 months.  They are my oldest sister's kids.


This is Brynna, Brax, and Bray.  Brothers and sister.  I get teared up every time I look through these pictures.


My oldest sister, Michelle, with Brynna.  Since there are 3 sisters in my family, we really wanted Brynna to have a sister as well.  Nope, she got 2 brothers who I'm sure will gang up on her in a couple years.  Brynna insisted we take this picture.  This is a child that has always screamed and cried when I tried to take pictures of her.  She posed for this all on her own.


This is my fam!  From left to right – my middle sister Jaime, her son Alex, mom, dad, Michelle is holding Brynna, Bryan (my bro in law) who is holding Braxton, and me holding Brayden.  We literally had to take around 25 pictures, and this is the best we could get.  I always tell them they are 10 times worse than any family I've ever shot.  They won't shut up and smile for 10 seconds so we can get done.  


The sisters.  We all live in separate towns and live very busy lives but are still very tight.  I love them to pieces.  My sisters were straight A students.  Jaime is an RN for Hospice and Michelle is a CPA.  I've always been the creative one of the family :)  Not so straight A.


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