I hear this question ALL THE TIME!!!!

One of the most common questions I hear is “What should I wear to the engagement session”…but the second is “Do I REALLY need a videographer?”   We’ll talk more about your engagement session outfit later, but YES…a videographer is such a big deal.  If you can squeeze it into your budget, it’s something you’ll never regret.  Promise.  Every couple will tell you that the wedding day goes by SO fast, and it’s really a blur.  I tried so hard to constantly stop and take it all in, but you just can’t.  It’s not possible.  Thank goodness we hired a videographer.  We just got to see the sneak peek, and let me just say…worth every penny.  We couldn’t remember the little things we were saying on the altar (out of pure nervousness), but turns out one of  the little jokes made for an amazing opener to our sneak peek.   And it’s something I would have never remembered saying!  So for me, it ws just priceless getting to relive the day through sound and real time.  If I had to do it differently, I would hire them all over again.

Check it out:  (click for fullscreen…it’s way better!)


Oh and PS- This is just our sneak peek…not even the whole real deal.  They are amazing.  In Motion Video…look them up. You’ll be so thankful!


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