I’ll definitely be adding to this post!

I’ve always wanted to post the funny photos that come out of sessions.  We cut up and have fun for most of the session so there’s bound to be some laughing pictures, funny faces, or funny joke stuff.


He was jealous that I always have the girl sit ont he guy’s lap…


The wind changed, and they got soaked by friendship fountain…


I don’t know what this face is all about…


THIS is definitely one of my favorites!!!!  NO IDEA what he’s doing!


We laughed for quite a while at this one.  He won’t be able to live it down.


Notice the hole in Jame’s jeans?  Yeah, it wasn’t there when we started.  A wave came in and I was yelling for them to move.  He tried to grab his fiance and they both tripped and fell…except he ripped his jeans and had a bloody knee.  Their wedding was the following Saturday, and they had to spend quite a while on their knees during the ceremony.  He was miserable.



There is a bee that would NOT leave us alone!!!  Although I will say, they stayed very calm!


Michael was very clear about not wanting cake in his face…as we can see from the knife to Teresa’s throat!  Never a dull moment around those two.


And yes, these two are using a SWORD to cut their cake!


I have to hand it to Jacqueline for getting him this good.  I LOVE a crazy cake feeding!




I have tons of funny pictures.  I’ll be posting more.  It just takes me forever to search through thousands of them!


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  1. this is great! love it!

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