Julie and Jim are married! A Ponte Vedra Wedding

I truly loved getting to know Julie and Jim.  From the very first correspondence we had, I knew I wanted to be a part of their wedding day.  Jim was referred to me by one of my grooms, and he called me one afternoon to see if I was available for their wedding date.  From there he explained his love for Julie and how important this was to make sure she had an amazing wedding.  First off, it’s rare that the GROOM calls to book me.  Secondly, my heart melted when he talked about his lady love.

We had a great Engagement session down at the beach getting to know each other better.  I can tell you, there are always laughs around these two.  That’s what life’s all about…living each day and having an amazing time.

For the wedding day…oh the wedding day.  The rain forecast called for 100% rain that day.  Their cocktail hour/reception was supposed to be outdoorsy at Ponve Vedra Inn and Club.  Things were definiely a little stressful as they had to make the decision to pull things indoors.  BUT, it didn’t damper their spirits one bit.  We got ready at the PV Inn and headed to Our Lady Star of the Sea for the ceremony.  I’m going to have to tattle on the bridesmaids, they were THIRTY minutes late getting to the church.  If you’ve ever been to a catholic ceremony, you KNOW they like to start on time.   The lobby was a little tense that afternoon as everyone waited in anticipation as to when things were going to get started.  I love these little details of the day.  These are the details that can be irritating as you go through it…but it’s always funny to look back on and laugh.  PS – I loved the bridesmaids.  They were a BLAST!

The ceremony was beautiful and full of tears.  People always say, “I’m not going to cry…I’m not going to cry”.  And I always say, “Please cry!  It makes for better photos”.   Seriously!  I want emotions to run freely.  Who cares about makeup…soak up the moment and live in it.  And that they did.

After the ceremony, we did some quick photos back at Ponte Vedra Inn and headed indoors to start the party.  So here’s one of my fav parts of the day.  The couple had a tv playing a slideshow on a loop.  Right before it was time for toasts, the band announces everyone to come over and watch the slideshow.  The screen pops up with skype, and Julie bursts in to tears.  It’s her brother who is serving our country in the military overseas.  He wasn’t going to be able to be home for the wedding so Jim surprised her with having her brother there with them…via the Internet.  Can I just say, her brother stayed there on skype for the ENTIRE wedding night.  He was dressed up, stood up at the computer, and danced away with them…the whole time.

I think the last point I want to make is how amazing the band was.  They were awesome, and they had the place having a blast…the whole time.  Young and old, good dancers and bad…they were all out there.  By the end of the night, it was time for the exit so the band was trying to move all the guests outside for the bubbles.  The announced for people to head out about 15 times before they finally said “okay forget it”, turned on an ipod, hopped off stage, and started dancing with the all the guests.  No one was stopping the party that night…no one was ready to go home.  It was that awesome of a day.

Julie, I hope your wedding day was just as amazing as Jim hoped it would be for you.  I know it will go down in the books as one of my most memorable nights.  A perfect wedding day doesn’t mean you had the best thought of favors, most expensive flowers, or the perfect pair of shoes…a perfect wedding day is getting to celebrate an amazing love that you have for each other and being surrounded by family and friends who want to experience it with you.  And that’s exactly what you got…PLUS a great party. =)

Love you two!

 Their wedding day details: 
Rehearsal Dinner Location: Jacksonville Golf and Country CLub
Ceremony Location: Our Lady Star of the Sea Church
Reception Location: Ponte Vedra Inn and Club
Caterer: Ponte Vedra Inn and Club
Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Ross (excellent)
Photographer: Tonya Beaver (Hall of Fame!)
Videographer: Chris Box (very good)
Cake: Sweet by Holly cupcakes
Florist: Celebrations
Officiant: Mrs Logan
Hair: Foiled Rotten (Carolyn)
Make-up: Estee Lauder
Entertainment: City Heat out of Atlanta (awesome!)
Transportation: cant remember
Wedding Dress: Love Jax Beach
Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groom and Groomsmen Wear: Mens Wearhouse

 Click to see their beautiful day in a slideshow!

How did you two meet? Were friends first, and then took it to another level
How did he propose? Got down on one knee at dinner at ruths chris. Whole staff knew about the big surprise. It was a hit
How did you decide on your color scheme, flowers, and cake? Talking with wedding party and vendors. Shopped around town and interviewed a lot of different places.

Where did you go for your honeymoon? Aruba

If you could give yourself any advice prior to the wedding, what would it be? Find a way to relax and enjoy it all no matter what. Have to rely on others to make things happen so you don ‘t get too overloaded.


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