Katherina and Stephan’s rock the dress session – Atlantic Beach, Florida

Yesterday was so much fun…a whirlwind, but fun. I was meeting with a new couple while Faythe Mesic was here glamming up my bride for her rock the dress session. Katherina and Stephan were married last year in Germany. He is stationed here, and she still lives in Germany. She contacted me weeks ago to schedule a session for them while she would be here visiting. Little did we know a tropical storm was going to be here!   We were both stoked when the sun was out ALL day, so we went ahead with the session as planned.  We got her glammed up, in her dress, bouquet made…and headed out the door. And BOOM, the rain came! Out of nowhere! Luckily it didn’t last very long, and we got to get some fun “rain” shots. So here’s 2 sneaks for now. I’ll post more of course when they are all edited.


And here is my wonderful assistant Jessie. She dropped us off, ran to wallgreens to grab umbrellas, came back and helped carry all the gear and shield it from the rain. We stopped at one spot to get gorgeous sunset pics, and 8 million gnats landed on her. I really needed her to stay in that spot and hold the flash so she put the bride’s veil on as a mosquito net (as told to do so by the bride!). We all died laughing…until the gnats got on us!


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