Lindsey’s Senior Photos

I was beyond excited to shoot Lindsey’s senior photos.  I LOVED my high school era, and documented everything…so to be able to take some photos for a beautiful and talented girl in her own “era” was a true honor for me.   She and I spent the afternoon together chatting and laughing and of course snapping a few photos.  I have to add in here how incredibly talented she is (Can I just toot her horn here?).  So for those of you who know who Jesus Culture is…they sing “How he loves”…well they also sing “Rooftops” which was written by Lindsey.  Yeah, she’s kind of a big deal… =)

Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, Lindsey.  It was so much fun having some girl chat time.  xoxo



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  1. Tonya,
    We love the photos you have put on your site so far for Lindsey! Gonna be hard to make choices when they are all so good! Thanks!

  2. You are awesome and so talented! Thanks!

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