Looking to add on to the team…

I am crazy, some would say ocd about my job, definitely type A, want things done here and now and done perfectly for my clients.  If you think you can handle that, we would love to have you.

I need someone who is upbeat and high strung as myself to help out with shoots, editing, but mostly things around the office.   If interested, send your information (including info about you, resume, schedule, pay requirements)  to tonya@tonyabeaverphotography.com with “tbp2011 intern” in the subject line.  Also, being that I am a small business owner in a competitive market, you would be required to sign a “do not compete”.  So if you are an aspiring photographer hoping to someday have your own business, this is not the position for you.

Below are areas of interest:

– My main concern is finding someone that I  know when I ask them to do something, I don’t have to check up on them and remind them over and over.  I need then to remind ME of things…not the other way around.

– Ability to maintain communication with clients to fulfill their ordering needs.

-Helping hands for some types of shoots.

-Organization of bills, contracts, emails, etc.


-Photoshop:  I would love to pass on some of my editing to someone I could trust.

-Website/Blog/Facebook: Knowledge of how to work websites and be in charge of keeping both of these up to date.

-Keeping me straight – schedule, to do, projects

Please send resume to me at tonya@tonyabeaverphotography.com.



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