My friends are engaged!

This is such an exciting post for me.  I obviously see a TON of couples and get to be apart of so many love stories…which I LOVE!  But over this holiday season, two very special people to me got engaged.  I met Angela and Jerry through my church last year.  When we all first met, they were just best friends.  They are both runners and met through UNF running activities.  After a couple months of knowing them, my big mouth said, “Did you guys EVER date or have you just always been best friends?”  She grinned and looked at Jerry, and they told us that day that they had decided to officially date the night before.  Angela went back home to Jersey for the holidays, and to her surprise Jerry flew out to meet her the day before New Year’s Eve.  Her entire family was together the next night for New Year’s Eve dinner in one of their local favorite restaurants.  Angela’s dad asked Jerry to give thanks for their meal.  As Jerry prayed…giving thanks for family,special times, etc., he also thanked God for bringing Angela into his life, and he also asked God for help and encouragement for what he was about to do (obviously by this point she was very confused!)…and he got down on his knee.  He asked, and she said “Yes!”.  Awe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
They actually picked out their reception location (which as you know is a HUGE decision!), and they chose the White Room in St. Aug.  They are getting married in our church – Beach United Methodist Church in Jax Beach.  I keep trying to tell them about a fab photographer… =)  I’ll keep you posted as their wedding plans unfold.

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