My sad attempt to remember our beautiful wedding day…

I’ve always been obsessed with documenting time.  I video recorded nearly all of my high school years, I have diaries out the rear-end, and I have bins and bins of photographs.  Even on our wedding day, I was video recording and taking pictures up until the point that we left to go the church.  Nevertheless, the way that I see things and translating it to video or pictures is looking through a camera.  I thought that if I stopped regularly to “take a picture” in my mind, it would stay longer.  I am here today to say that doesn’t work…at all! LOL  I strongly recommend great photography and videography of your big day.  It goes by so fast and ends up one big blur.   I can tell you that months down the road when all you want to do is go back to that day, at least you can relive it digitally. =)

Thanks, Corinna Hoffman, for catching this moment.  This is truly just me being me.


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