Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session {By Danielle}

Lately we have been meeting with brides that are interested in booking but they haven’t heard much about boudoir sessions or why boudoir sessions are just so awesome. Let me fill you in!

Tonya does boudoir sessions with brides and with women that are giving their husband’s a special anniversary or birthday gift. Basically, you take really hot photos to be shown to your guy. These pictures are for his eyes only and make the perfect gift! You also get a day where you get to get your hair done, your makeup done, and you get to dress up in cute lingerie and feel good about yourself. And let me tell you, the photos turn out amazing! I think sometimes the women love them just as much as their husbands do!

It’s fun. On boudoir days, the girls get to have so much fun. You get your hair and makeup professionally done, get to feel beautiful in your outfit changes, and have a chance to relax and have some fun. Sure, you might feel tense in the first few photos but I promise you, these pictures are awesome. Some women like to bring a friend but we usually only recommend one friend — it gets too overwhelming and you are taking the photos only with the photographer and no one else in the room.  And bring a cocktail!  Sipping on something to drink when getting hair and makeup done makes the shooting process so much more…relaxed.

It’s the best gift ever. A lot of photographers offer boudoir sessions but if you are getting married and have chosen a photographer with your hubby’s help (maybe) then you can easily add on a boudoir session and with an album of pictures. It makes the best wedding day gift…ever. At a recent boudoir sesh, the bride was getting her pics taken to give her fiancee before he went away on his bachelor party. It was a definite reminder of what he would be missing at home. If you are already married, a boudoir album and photo session can really make the perfect gift for an anniversary or birthday.

See yourself from a new perspective. These photos can show you just how beautiful you are! You get to see yourself the way your husband sees you. Get your hair and makeup done, put on some lingerie, and enjoy the day. You are a beautiful woman, so rock it with a boudoir session!

I definitely recommend a boudoir session. They are fun, relaxing, and make you feel great. It only takes a couple of hours but the pictures last forever… just wait until your husband sees the pictures 🙂

Here are the photos of some recent boudoir sessions from different clients.  Some didn’t mind faces being shown, and some I just chose a few “body part” shots so identity can remain a secret (published with the permission of these lovely ladies of course)! Check out the variety of poses and outfits you can play with during your session!



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