Sandals, Negril HONEYMOON!

According to my facebook “this time last year” posts, it says I just got done with a workout in Jamaica b/c we were eating cheeseburgers and french fries every night before bed and that I was looking for my hubs to go snorkeling.  Oh what I woudn’t do to be back in Jamaica!  Going to make a little plug here, we used Shawnee with All about honeymoons and LOVED her.  We had to postpone honeymoon a week b/c of some hurricanes, and she handled everything for us.  It was flawlessly put together.  Thanks again, Shawnee.

Anyway, thinking of honeymoon made me want to post some of the gorgeous sunsets.  I just couldn’t get enough.

Enough Sunsets?  LOL

Here’s some of our other random pics.

It’s best not to even talk to me unless I’ve had a certain amount of coffee in the morning…


My poor hubs hates to fly



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