Show prep

With only a few days left until the Ultimate Bridal Fantasy at World Golf, I’m doing my normal freak out of tons of things still left to do.  I recreated the brochures for this show…and wouldn’t ya know it – a typo!  Now, I’m not a writer, and I definitely do my blog postings and emails as more of how I talk rather than “proper grammar”.   I think it reflects more of my personality and feels more personable.  But I wanted the brochures to be perfect so I sent the design out many times for outside proofing…which is why I was disappointed that it’s not perfect.  With a big gulp and sigh, I decided to just let it go.  We’ll just do a touch of whiteout to make the random letter disappear.  So now 2 days before the show we are putting whiteout on 500 brochures.  =)


Below is a pic of a cork board that one of my very talented brides made for me.  I wanted a board to hold my save the dates and thank you cards that we have created.  I think it’s perfect!  Thanks, Adair!!!

Here’s a few shots of a new sample album.  Thank goodness there were no typos in IT! LOL

These shows are always so much fun, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!!!!!!!!!




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  1. LOVE THIS!!! i’m doing my first show in aug, so nervous!!!! u are inspiring!!!!!

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