Some wedding items for sale!

Please view Holly and David’s sneak peeks for photos of some if these items:

The items include:

12 vases 2 feet tall (tall and medium sized circumference) – $15.00 each

5, 1 foot vases (thicker and more stout) – $10.00 each

several random sized vases (about 9 inches or smaller for any use) – $5.00 each

12 tall silver table number stand holders – $10.00 for a set of 12

multiple candles of various sizes – $3.00 each

large grape vines (big thick grape vines that are curly, usually used to wind around mantle pieces or railings, etc for decor)- $30.00

TONS of silk floral accents for flower arrangements (soft falling sticks with minimal beads on them to help give a little glimmer when the light catches it, and tall sticks with mini white flowers sporadically up the sticks… these made for great accents in all my fresh flowers, but I have tons left over). – $8.00 per bushel

1 full bushel of large, tall curly willow branches. $25.00




Message me at if you want any of these.


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