Stephanie and John’s Wedding Day sneak peeks – TPC Wedding Photos

First let me start out by saying how much I adore these two.  Steph is an absolutely GORGEOUS girl…inside and out.  She’s fun, FUNNY, tender and sweet.  John is right up there with her.  These two match each other so well.  If you think about two friends that just love being together…falling in love and marrying, that’s what you would imagine from them.

They had a beautiful wedding at TPC.  I’m not giving too many wedding day details so I can discuss that with their main blog post.  But I did want to share a few pics of them.

Congrats you two.  I hope you had a fun time and gathered lots of stories to look back and laugh on for years to come.  Here’s a few sneak peeks to get you through the end of the week until the rest of your photos are edited and ready for you to spend hours and hours looking through. =)  Love you guys!!! xoxoxo

Her reception room was SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!

The sunlight that was coming through the trees while we were on the porch…breathtaking.

I love to see how a groom looks at his bride.  So tender.


Stay tuned for many, many more!!!!!!!!


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