Why I do what I do…

So at some point when I meet with a couple and they ask how I got into photography, I try to explain that I have this need to document time in order to remember and relive as many moments in life as possible.  I can’t explain it, but it’s there…majorly.  For as long as I can remember I have owned a camera and video camera and always had it with me.  If I’m going to experience something in life, I want to be able to take snapshot of it…or video clip.

So on my very own wedding day, I was explaining to our videographer (who I adore!) how important her being there was to me.  I had all this anxiety about letting go of the reigns and letting someone else be in charge of the capturing of our day.  But the night before, it just all hit me that it would be fine to let it all go to them.  We had 2 amazing photographers, and 3 videographers (with a total of 5 cameras).  And yes, every bit of footage has been gone through and every picture cherished.  Having people you can trust your memories with…on your most special of days.  Priceless.

And pardon the crying and tear stained face.  Yes, I cried all day… =)



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