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I'm Tonya, a photographer located in Jacksonville Florida.

Telling beautiful stories is what I do. Whether it be weddings, babies, families - I genuinely cherish being a part of it all.

I'm inspired by sincere love, authenticity, and real emotions.

I can't wait to tell your story.

I’m often asked what all equipment I use to shoot with, and just like a woman with her shoes, I am always acquiring new pieces to play with.  You can never have enough lenses!  They all do something a little different.  I don’t like for my collection of photos for a client to all look the same.  And I use different lighting styles (I LOVE playing with lighting) or different lenses to achieve something unique here and there.

For my bodies, I have 2 mark iii’s.  I have 2 mark ii’s that I keep as well.  I think the mark ii’s are just as good as the iii’s.  The iii can seem to handle low light and a higher ISO a tad better.


My go to favorite lenses are the 70-200 2.8 and 24-70 2.8.  I like to do a lot of my portraits with my 70-200 only b/c I feel like people are more comfortable if your’e not right up in their business.  So the long lens lets me stay pretty far away.  It’s always good to use this if my couple is being super sweet and cuddly.  I feel like they are just more natural if I can be a little bit off from them.  But I love my 24-70 too.  I use it a LOT!

I have a 50mm 1.2 that is super fun for details.  Every once in a while I’ll use it for people shots too.  I’m just not a huge fan of the wide open, pour in a ton of light, lose all crispness type shooter.  I like my subjects to be very well in focus.  Plus I’m just not a fan of a prime when I’m shooting people. I like to to a tight and wide with my feet from the same spot.  But I love my 50 for detail shots and anything where you want a strong depth of field.  But you do have be super careful with lens b/c it does go super low and throw a LOT out of focus.

I have a 100mm 2.8 (I believe).  I don’t use the 100 often, mainly only for when we do ring shots.  It’s tough to be close to the rings (or other details) and it auto focus so I throw it in manual focus and try to get gorgeous ring shots.  This by FAR is not my great strength in photography.  I have a horribly unsteady hand so this is something that is just tough for me.  I have one second shooter that takes amazing ring shots.  Anytime she is with me, I skip doing them all together b/c I know hers will be better.  Speaking of unsteady hand, I typically have to shoot on a little higher shutter speed just to make sure my image is crisp too.

I have a 17-35 2.8 wide angle lens.  I love this lens.  It can be so dramatic. I love to use off camera flash, throw on my wide, and go to town.  Between the dramatic sky and dramatic light you can create, this is just a fun thing to play with.  I was actually hit by a car when I was taking a picture of the outside of one ocean, and I had this lens on when it happened.  So the rim is bent a tad, and the far right tends to not be AS sharp.  So I typically wont’ use it for a large group of people like a wedding party anymore, but it still rocks out a gorgeous picture of my couple and some cool background.

Last but not least I have a fisheye that I like to use.  It believe it’s 2.8 as well.  I don’t use it often, but it comes in handy when I want to shoot above my head and don’t have time to grab a chair.  Also it can be fun for overhead detail shots.  It’s not a lens that stays on my camera more than 5 mins on a wedding day, but again it can throw some neat perspectives in on the wedding day.

For my flashes, I have 4 Canon Speedlight 580ex’s.  And I have a battery pack.  That battery pack is essential.  It’s TORTURE waiting on a flash to recycle, and nothing is worse than missing a shot b/c your flash was wearing down.  Oh and last but not least are my flash remotes.  I just switched over from pocket wizards to yongnuo.  I was having a problem with one of my pocket wizards always misfiring so I switched over to a brand my second shooters use and never have a problem with.  So far so good.

So that’s that!  =)



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