Janeen and Jeremy’s wedding day {Memorial Park Wedding and Ortega River Club Reception}

WATCH THEIR VIDEO SLIDESHOW HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYC6qEuwznE

Hotel accommodations for guests: Hilton Garden Inn
Rehearsal Dinner Location:  Didn’t really have a formal rehearsal dinner. We carbed up on lasagna and pasta at my parents’ rental condo after the rehearsal. Super informal and relaxing.
Ceremony Location: Memorial Park, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida. Under a beautiful tree next to the water we said, “ I do” to forever with each other. I tear up every time I think about staring at him during the ceremony. Love is the most amazing gift ever!
Reception Location:  Ortega River Club. We used the back yard and it was the most stunning day ever!
Caterer: Mojo’s NO. 4. BEST FOOD EVER!
Wedding Coordinator: Stephanie Strawn– Sweet Revelry, LLC . Stephanie did pretty much all of the decorating for the wedding. She made it everything that I imagined. Love her!
Photographer: Tonya Beaver. When I went on my hunt for a photographer I began by looking at other people’s wedding photos. The first ones I saw were done by Tonya Beaver. I was in love with her photos!! They were stunning! I wasn’t going to have anyone other than this Tonya Beaver lady capture my day. Jeremy and I met with her and immediately I knew I had found the perfect photographer. We laughed, joked and had a blast. I made certain to tell her that I didn’t want a bunch of posed photos with all of the guests. She knew right away how important it was to me to capture our friends and family being happy and sharing in our love. On the day of the wedding Tonya was my savior. She made everything run so smoothly. I feel so blessed to have had Tonya on that day capturing the most beautiful moments of the best day of my life.
Videographer: We had a friend tape the wedding.
Cake:  For the Love of Cake. The cake was beautiful and delicious.
Florist: St. John’s Flower Market. We tried to use vendors local and in our community.
Officiate: Pastor Bill Driscoll of Church of the Redeemer. I starting going to his church shortly after I met Jeremy. Pastor Bill is a wonderful man and has become an important part of our lives.
Hair and Make-up:  Paulina Perez and company. Lia did my makeup and I felt so beautiful. Nicole did my hair and everyone told me how much they loved it!
Entertainment: Bread and Butter Band. These guys were amazing! They even learned knew songs that I requested.
Wedding Dress: White Magnolia. So elegant and timeless.
Wedding Shoes: Dessy Group
Bridesmaids Dresses:  Alfred Angelo
Groom and Groomsmen Wear:  Men’s Warehouse


How did you two meet? We were both on Match.com. It was a Tuesday night in March 2012. My mom was in town from Michigan and I was showing her how Match.com worked. We did a search and Jeremy popped up on our screen. He was a runner too and my mom encouraged me to write him. I told her I would think about it and then shut down the computer. The very next morning I went for a run. As I crossed the Main Street Bridge on my way back to my apartment at about 5:30 in the morning, I saw two people running up the bridge towards me. As the two men passed me I looked back and realized that one of the runners was the guy I had just seen on Match.com the night before with my mother. It was Jeremy. I ran home, woke up my mom and told her I just ran by the guy from Match.com. She encouraged me to write him a message. I told her that he would think I am a total stalker. Deep down I didn’t care because I really want to meet him. He was cute AND a runner. So that night, I wrote him a message through Match.com. I started the email with, “I know this is going to sound creepy/crazy, but were you running over the Main Street Bridge at 5:30 this morning?” Jeremy loves telling this part of the story. He tells everyone he thought it was super stalkerish, but at the same time liked that I had the guts to write him. We went on our first date about a week later on March 18, 2012.

How did he propose? On March 12, 2013, Jeremy and I went for a run together after work as we often did since we started dating. Our usual five mile loop included running over the Main Street Bridge. As we begin to run up the bridge I noticed Jeremy slowing down behind me. Just as I turned to yell to him over my shoulder I heard loud beeping coming from the bridge letting me know the bridge was about to rise. I knew we wouldn’t make it over in time before the bridge went up so I stopped running and we walked to the highest point we could get to and stopped. I looked out at the other enormous bridge (Hart Bridge) and started cussing it out because we had just run the Gate River Run the weekend before. Jeremy started saying sentimental things and I didn’t notice as I was too distracting by that big ass bridge. Within a few minutes, he was on one knee telling me he wanted to run with me forever. It was so peaceful at the top of the bridge at that moment as traffic had stopped at the bottom. We were alone in the place where it all began and where it would continue forever. I said yes and then I made him cut the run short so we could call family and friends. We still had a mile or so to get to our cars and it was the happiest, yet longest mile ever.

How did you decide on your color scheme, flowers, and cake? We wanted simple and elegant. The flowers for the tables were baby’s breath and our bouquets were Sahara roses. The cake was simple, white, two layers, no topper and a beautiful lace cutout on the bottom layer. There really wasn’t a color scheme. I liked it that way. The bridesmaids wore “Loves First Blush” colored dresses. AKA vintage pink and the men wore charcoal suits with pink ties.

How did you decide on your invitations, and who did you use? Our invitations were the most beautiful invitations I had ever seen. We used an online company, Weddingpaperdivas.com. It had our photo on the front, but had a printed on overlay. Stunning.

Where did you go for your honeymoon? St. Lucia. Sandals resort. We loved it and enjoyed relaxing together.

If you could give yourself any advice prior to the wedding, what would it be? Don’t let other people tell you what you should do for your wedding. You can have the day you’ve imagined. As we drove away from our reception, my husband looked at me and said, “Wow, this day was perfect. It was exactly what we wanted it to be.” I hold back the tears thinking about it. “It was my dear. It was absolutely perfect.”

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