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Sherri’s Bridal Session

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Sherri and Charlie’s wedding so I could finally post some of her bridal session photos.  She has such a gorgeous dress.    I’ll be posting their wedding photos just as soon as I can.

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Samantha and Shaun’s Wedding Day

This was such a fun day.  The couple’s friends and family played tricks on them all throughout the day.  No one knew what was turning up next! Sam and Shaun’s ceremony was the shortest I’ve ever seen.  I don’t think it was more than 4 or 5 minutes long! 🙂  It was exactly how they...

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  1. Tonya,
    We were so happy we chose you to capture the most important part of our lives! We enjoyed having your company! Your pictures were phenominal. Ok i know we had a short ceremony but who wants to sit out side on a hot day for 30 minutes and hear about how we are suppose to love and cherish one another for the rest of our lives. We knew before we even had the wedding that we were going to remain loving,king and faithful to each other, why do we need someone else to tell us how to do it:) Anyway everthing went awesome and i we are so happy you were there to share it with us! I can't wait till we can do pictures of Shuan and I's baby girl coming soon in august. THanks agian talk to you soon!

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Samantha and Shaun’s Engagement Session

Downtown at Friendship Fountain I feel like we accumulated an entire ‘outtakes’ section from their shoot.  We had so much fun and between the laughing and getting soaked by the fountain, we ended up with some pretty hillarious shots of funny faces.  I’m not going to post them just yet…but they’re coming!!!

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  1. Shauns my cousin!!!!!

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