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Cindy & George’s Perfect Wedding Day in St. Augustine

I just love Cindy and George (who doesn’t!)  First of all, let’s discuss “online dating”.  It amazes me to hear that there is still any sort of stigma associated with it.  I have SO many couples that met online and are blissfully happy together.  And guess how these two met too???  Yep!!! To describe their...

4 Responses to “Cindy & George’s Perfect Wedding Day in St. Augustine”

  1. Love love love it. How many times can I say thank you? Well I want to say it again – THANK YOU for doing the most amazing job capturing the most amazing day!! xoxo

  2. I like to hear you say it…

  3. Tonya,
    It’s been a year and I still LOVE looking at these photos! I’m not sure you hear that from every groom. Besides having a beautiful bride, I think it’s because you are an AWESOME photographer. You are so talented that I even look good in the pics. 🙂 Thanks again for all you did last year. As you may have heard, we will be coming to you soon for a pregnancy shoot. I guess you are stuck with being our photographer for life! 🙂

  4. Awe thank you for writing this, George! I don’t often hear from grooms so this totally made my day…week…YEAR! xoxo you guys!

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Morgan & Joel’s Wedding in Live Oak!

Morgan and Joel’s wedding day was super special to me.  Morgan and I are from the same hometown, same school, same church, same “people”.  So to be up close and personal for such a special moment in life was such an honor to me.  Joel is such an awesome guy and perfect fit for her. ...

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  1. I love your photography. You captured Morgan’s and Joel’s wedding day perfectly. Thank you.

  2. Love the jumping pic and the pic of them taking pics of themselves on smartphones!

  3. Hey Tonya! I LOVE you’re work! Can’t wait to meet you when my BFF Amber Milton and Matt Katz say I Do next year! Do you happen to know what the green ball like flower is in her bouquet? My mom has been wondering the name of them since Mother’s Day … I bought a bouquet of flowers while in Salt Lake City, Utah for my godmother and these were in it.

  4. Awe thank you so much! I’m so excited for Amber and Matt’s wedding too. I got pretty close to Amber’s fam during her sister’s wedding festivities. Love them. =) I will def find out what kind of flowers they are for you! Email me so I don’t forget.

  5. I know right! They are such a funny couple. We were trying to hurry during the formals of just them two…and Morgan was literally running around in her dress. Only her… =)

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Email issues this week…

Long story short: Our email was down from Tuesday around 3pm to Wednesday around 10am. ALL of April’s past emails in her inbox or saved have been completely lost.Okay so first of all, WHY oh why did I decide that THIS was the week to change over our email carriers, make an online calendar instead...

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Jodi & Robert’s Gorgeous Wedding Day in Ponte Vedra Beach!!

                      How did you two meet? We met at Shands hospital where I am a nurse. At the time he worked for Liberty Ambulance Company and he was transporting a patient to my floor. The first time I saw him was in November and we...

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Your questions – answered. “How to prepare for really great photos.”

So I’ve been wanting to actually WRITE on the blog to have a bit of variety.  I’m terrible at writing, spelling, and grammar (which is why I take PHOTOS for a living!).  SO BEWARE!  But I’m biting the bullet and answering some of the questions that I hear.  A while back, I asked on my facebook fanpage for some...

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