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Some wedding items for sale!

Please view Holly and David’s sneak peeks for photos of some if these items: The items include: 12 vases 2 feet tall (tall and medium sized circumference) – $15.00 each 5, 1 foot vases (thicker and more stout) – $10.00 each several random sized vases (about 9 inches or smaller for any use) –...

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Holly and David’s amazing wedding day. Deerwood Country Club Wedding

I would love to write about how perfect the wedding was and how everything went off without a hitch…but that’s just not the case.  Do you remember a few weekend’s past when the huge nor’easter blew through?  Well Holly and David were planning to have their beautiful ceremony outdoors overlooking the lake.   It’s a gorgeous...

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  1. If you had not told me the ceremony wasn’t planned for inside, I never would have been able to tell! Beautiful day 🙂

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  3. When I was editing the photos, I thought “okay, IF You had to make this indoor space a backup plan…you couldn’t plan for a more beautiful room.” It all worked out. Beautiful couple…Beautiful wedding day. =)

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Baby Pingel is here!!!

Denise and Tim are one of my couples from a few years ago (feels like their wedding was yesterday!), and now this week it was time to take pics of their newborn son.  He is SO precious!  He was only 7 days old when we did his first photo shoot.  It’s always so exciting to...

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Lauren and Chris’ Engagement Session – Atlantic Beach Engagement Photos

Lauren and Chris are a destination couple getting married next year in Amelia Island.  They were going to be in town this week for their engagement photos, but of course we had a crazy nor’easter blow through.  It was supposed to be “flooding” (literally), but somehow the sky parted, and we had beautiful weather.  So,...

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