2014 Fall Mini Sessions

The TIME HAS COME!  I know we are still hot with our summer weather, BUT Fall will be here before we know it.    Which means, MINI SESSIONS.

2014 fall mini sessions

Oct 1, 4:30-5 : Tuten Family
Oct 1, 5-5:30 :  Deaton Family
Oct 1, 5:30-6 :  Deaton Family
Oct 1, 6-6:30 :  Arnold Family

Oct 17, 4:30-5 :  Southall Family
Oct 17, 5-5:30 :  Galecki Family
Oct 17, 5:30-6 :  Scheden Family
Oct 17, 6-6:30 :  Murray Family

Oct 29, 4:30-5 :  Shelby Hickman Family
Oct 29, 5-5:30 :   
Oct 29, 5:30-6 :  
Oct 29, 6-6:30 :  Megan Edwards Family

Session fee only – $125

– 30 minute photo session
– private gallery for online proofing and ordering
– availability to decide on prints, images, etc later down the road

Mini Collection 1 – $200

– 30 minute photo session
– private gallery for online proofing and ordering
– 3 High Res images with printing rights

Mini Collection 2 – $295
– 30 minute photo session
– private gallery for online proofing and ordering
– Prints of your choice in the sizes: (1) 8x×10, (2) 5×7′s, (3) 4×6′s
– 4 High Res images with printing rights

Mini Collection 3 – $450
– 30 minute photo session
– private gallery for online proofing and ordering
– Prints of your choice: (1) 11×14, (2) 8×10′s, (4) 5×7′s, (6) 4×6′s
– 25 Christmas cards + envelopes
– 10 High Res images with printing rights

Where: “rustic/woodsy” location off Phillips highway.  Tall grass, rustic feel, old barn, etc.


“What is a “mini” session as compared to a regular session?”
Mini sessions are short and sweet and ideal for getting that perfect picture for your Christmas cards. Since we don’t have as much time as a normal session, there is less variety and quantity of images.  I still fill the entire time with shooting non stop and going for as much variety as possible, BUT it will be half the time of my normal sessions.

“How will I see my photos?”
I love to invite families back into the studio to choose their photos.  I know with everyone’s hectic schedule, that can be hard.  So I’ll leave it up to each individual client.  One of my favorite parts of the shooting process is helping my clients decide what they want to do with their images so coming back to the studio is optimal.  But if it’s easier to just choose using the online system, that’s fine too.

“Will you take photos of everyone together or individually?”
I get lots of big group shots for the perfect “family photo”, but then I TRY to do break outs so let’s say if there is a family of mom, dad, and kids…then I will get the whole family group shot, each kid, all the kids, and just mom and dad. I just do as much as we can in the 30 minute time, and we stop when time is up.  If you know me, you know my goal is to always offer as much as possible for you to choose from.  But if you definitely want tons of variety, group and individual shots, etc then think about doing a regular session just to be on the safe side.  If you’re goal is to get that perfect shot for the Christmas cards, then mini is perfect.

“My kids are crazy, and my husband hates pictures.”
I have lots of crazy nieces and nephews that I adore…and I’ve been a photographer forever and have seen and done it all. We definitely bribe good smiles and fun times with candy =) I bring someone with me who can dance and sing for the kiddos.  You know your kids best so if there’s a certain song that they love, bring your iPad to play it or if they have a special doll/toy they love, bring it along.

“Will my prints, cards, and images be edited?”
Yes, I edit everything for the “pop” of my style.   Sometimes we’re asked to do face swaps on family portraits just b/c you may love all the faces in one picture except for one child for instance b/c they are smiling better in another photo.  We can typically merge photos to get that perfect shot.  This is additional editing with a fee, but it’s very inexpensive (just depends on the time it takes us to do it).  So keep in mind that’s an option too.

“This sounds great, how do I sign up and pay”
Email me to set up your time slot. There’s a $25 non refundable deposit to hold your time slot.

I’m sure there are a ton of questions you are asking so just email me the rest =)



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