40% Print sale and new photo store location

This weekend is another 40% prints sale.  yay!!!!  Use coupon code “summer”.

Also, if you’re looking for an event, we’ve recently changed most photos over to our new hosting store.  This store should be easier to save your favorites, watch slideshows of the pics, etc.  It has lots of cool features.  The new location is here: http://www.tonyabeaverphotography.com/store/

Add on to our facebook fanpage to always be in the “know” of sales and other cool things.   We’re going to be doing some family mini sessions in October in Jacksonville and Live Oak in November.  This is a perfect way to get your pics for your Christmas cards.  I’m not a huge fan of minis since they are shorter shooting time, BUT we’re trying to fit everyone in.  Stay tuned for more info on those.

You guys have an awesome Saturday!  We’re headed out to TPC for Stephanie and John’s beautiful wedding day.





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