A big shout out to amazing Jacksonville photographers!! (and a sneak of a few of OUR wedding photos)

I’ve always been one to appreciate my local colleagues in this photography business.  This town has some AMAZING and talented photographers, and luckily most of them are just as impressive as people as well.  Mostly everyone gets along very well and calls upon each other for advice for all parts of the business…as well as refers one another.  Shortly after Brent proposed in April, the obvious question that EVERYONE (and I mean everyone) asked me was “Who is going to photograph a photographer’s wedding?”.  I would always answer explaining that there are so many great photographers here to choose from, but just to show off the girls that I chose…I wanted to share a few sneak peaks of our wedding.  I’m still in full on wedding day high.  I keep telling all my couples that it’s the best day of your life.  So just get through the sucky part of planning (and it sucks way worse than what people let on) and just get to that day.  Because that day is so perfect.  Ours was at least.  I have chills and teary eyes even writing this!

I can’t wait to do a complete list of who I chose for everything, but for now here are my photographers.

First is Corinna Hoffman.  I would check out her blog (and still do!) regularly because I love her style.  Her sweet personality was so evident through her blog.  Finally I made a comment on a photo, and from there we traded FB info and kept in touch.  Eventually we met for lunch, and I’ve considered her a friend ever since.  She’s a Godly woman, married, and a great photographer.  She agreed to shoot our wedding and was fabulous.  The wedding day is unfortunately a blur at parts, but I can remember sort of telling my family where to stand and be for some of our formal photos, and she politely told me to chill out and  that she had it. LOL  I loved it!  It was hard for me not to be in “wedding photographer mode”, but she kept me in check.  Which was so awesome!  So here are a few sneak peaks that she’s shared with us so far.  We’re stoked to see the rest, and of course I’ll be posting them when I see them.

Okay so this first pic is our wedding party obviously.  Aren’t they all GORGEOUS!  It’s so weird looking at a wedding party photo, and it being OUR people.  Do you know how many wedding party pictures I’ve edited…but these are OUR friends and family. It’s just so weird!  LOL  But this was taken on a green at our reception location: Slammer and Squire at World Golf Village.  Great venue by the way. =)

This next pic is just B and I.  The first time I looked at this venue and saw this fountain with the world in it, I just knew we would have to have a wedding photo on it.  How many other pictures have you really seen like this?  I think it’s just perfect.  (Corinna was on TOP of a golf cart to get this shot.  I yelled at some point to have someone get a picture of HER on top of the golf cart.  Classic!)

And then there’s Miss Meghan Stewart.  Oh sweet Meghan.  This girl is just close to my heart.  I knew of her through mutual friends.  But also, last year Jacksonville lost such a great photographer to an illness.  It was devastating to people who didn’t even know her personally.  She was very well known amongst us.  Well, Meghan had been her second shooter for years, and it was time for her to now pick up and do business on her own.  Starting a photography company is not easy.  Even though I knew Meghan had been in the business for years, I just wanted to extend myself to her to let her know I was always around if there was anything she ever needed.  She was doing the upcoming bridal show so we swapped info and actually got to meet in person there.  From there we just always kept in touch through FB, and she even tagged along to one of my weddings.  I LOVED her photos and creative eye of things that only she sees.  She’s so talented.  I knew I had to have her be a part of our wedding day.  She’s lovely, so talented, and she loves the Lord (and single if you know of a man that deserves a good lady).  Meghan really caught SO many candid shots of things we totally didn’t even know what going on.  I just can’t say enough about her.

 Here are just some randoms of hers that are my favs.  I can’t wait to show more! =)

(add on to my FB to see a TON of our wedding photos)

We love both of you girls and are so thankful that you were a part of our big day.  It just couldn’t have been any better, and we are just at a loss for words as to how grateful we are to know you captured everything perfectly.  Much love and blessings! xoxoxoxoxox

Next blog post will have to be about our INCREDIBLE videographers and how they had five cameras documenting our day.  NOTHING was missed!!!!

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  1. THANK YOU for having me a be a part of your epic and romantic wedding!!! Happy to be there and you & Brent are amazing!! I’m soooo happy that you finally reached out to me in my blog, and God is sooo good to put special people in our lives!! YAY!!! I love you both more than you know it 🙂 XOXO

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