A few silly pics from Steph and John. Behind the Scenes.

I rarely show the pics that are a little bit off and make us laugh.  I like to leave a few for the couple to look back on an giggle.  But here’s a few randoms…

First off, no one tells you how uncomfortable a wedding dress is.  Lots of holding breath and crossing fingers it fits perfectly on a wedding day:

Next, if you are going to be wearing a veil on a windy day, be prepared to say several curse words.  Yes, it gets THAT frustrating to have your head yanked off all day.  Right, Steph?  Although, she didn’t curse…that I could hear anyway.  And furthermore, what the crud is up with my hair here?  One would think that there is an updo in the back making it gather like an orb.  But nope!  It juts is what it is.

This is called the prayer sneak.  Each one of them peak at the other during the prayer.  Never fails.

And his turn:

And this one I LOVE.  This is Christine Hoffman, and she is the wedding coordinator for TPC.  She was standing near with champagne and didn’t for even a second hesitate when I said “let her chug some!”  What better way to get through family formals than with a little champagne???

Hahaha, this one is funny too.  Imagine this.  We are out on the course of beautiful TPC with the clubhouse behind us.  These two have just said their vows, love is in the air…yada yada.  I’m taking some lovely pics of Steph alone, and all the while John is behind me checking his cell?  To see who called?  Nope.  And bursts out Steph in the middle of a gorgeous, glorious bridal pose…”BABE, WHAT’S THE SCORE???”  These two are die hard gators.  This is her when I’m explaining how she’s the only bride that has ever asked about a football game during her formal photos on her wedding day!!!  LOL

And last but not least, there is ALWAYS a funny almost kissing pucker pic.  They always make us laugh:

BUT, without all the head tugging, sucking in, irritations, and random bursts of laughter…we would never end up with the perfection that we do:



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  1. LOVE these pictures and especially the commentary you typed up along with it! Thanks for capturing all these great moments I almost forgot about!!!!

  2. So pretty steph!!!

  3. Tonya,

    I LOVE your personality!
    Beautiful shots….

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