A personal picture

I rarely post personal pictures on my blog, but this is just too difficult to resist.  I was trying to grill  steaks the other night and looked over to find a friend on my steak. 
Seriously the story of my life. LOL


Okay so after posting that picture, I decided I wanted to add a few more personal pictures.
Next:  A really bad storm would blow through EVERY afternoon, same time.  I had to snap a shot of it one day.  This was around 3 in the afternoon, ad the sky was BLACK as you can see.
 Welcome to Florida! 🙂


I love seeing people’s personal pictures, especially my couples so please feel free to add me on your facebook.  It’s so cool for me to get to see proposal shots and honeyomoon photos when you guys get back home. And I add photos that couples like to tag for their own pages.



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