A wedding day. My perspective. From the heart.

Very little do I ever take the time to actually WRITE on my blog.  I’m terrible at writing…and I’m terrible at expressing feelings.

BUT, I’m sitting listening to love songs and scrolling through a recent wedding to make their slide show and just thinking of  how blessed I am.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I JUST figured this out.  I have felt from day one that this is what I’m meant to do in life.  Weddings are so deep rooted in me. I can’t even put that into words, and that’s for another day.

But I was scrolling through the photos of the bride walking down the aisle, and pondering some thoughts I’ve been sitting on recently.  I often say and feel that we get to experience heaven here on earth on a wedding day.  There is something so moving and touching to even me…someone who gets to see it every weekend…when a bride walks down the aisle.  There’s that moment’s pause where all of the world stops for a moment, the doors open, and there she is.  I’ve seen brides laugh and cry… the manliest of men break down.  It’s just a moment that no one can predict how they will feel or react.  One of my favorite moments is when dad looks over at his daughter as he walks her down the aisle…just soaking in the moment.  (okay I’m crying now).

I met with a couple tonight and they asked me for any wedding day advice since I had recently gone through a wedding day as a bride.  Immediately I warned that I would cry if I talked about it b/c my wedding day is SO special to me, and I was holding back tears the entire time I explained that for me nothing else mattered except marrying Brent.  I didn’t care about flowers, dresses, colors.  Everyone else planned our wedding (and I’m SOOOO thankful!).  I didn’t want to get caught up in the BS that you have to deal with when planning a wedding.  I just kept trying to come back to the number one important thing to me of that day which was taking my marital vows…to my husband…in front of my family and friends.  Period.   One of my MANY favorite moments of our wedding day is one that I would have never remembered but it’s on our wedding video…Brent whispers to me during our ceremony “this is perfect.  Just like I envisioned.”  Ladies, I’m sure your can relate.  Making your man happy is pretty much all it takes to make things a success.  And at that moment, it was just like all the stress and crud we went through to plan a wedding in 4 months was all completely worth it. =)

So now as I’m sitting here, crying, and totally reminiscing of what my wedding day meant to me…all I can say is that I’m so blessed.  I take such special care and personal devotion to each and every wedding day for all my couples…and always have.

To all my sweet couples, I love you dearly.  What I do week in and week out is just for you and your perfect wedding day memories.


(a million thank you’s to In Motion for ALLLLLLLLLLLL they did for us to record and edit hours and hours of footage for our wedding videos.  A little cinematic cut is here:  http://blog.inmotionvideoproductions.com/?p=1170)











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