American Idol….JACKSONVILLE!

First let me just say that I am a HUGE American Idol fan.  I love the show and refuse to miss an episode.  One of my best friends, Shane, is a amazing singer.  He was selected to take part in the "Fox 30’s Jacksonville Idol".  They allowed 400 people to try out, and 2 were going to be selected to have an automatic audition on the 13th when Idol comes to Jax.  Though he wasn’t one of the 2 selected, he was second place in his group (and almost first…one of the judges hesitated on her scoring).   These are photos from Fox 30’s website:



I wasn’t allowed to go in with them, but you better believe my ear was glued to the window to listen.  I was so proud!!!!

So wish us luck as we go do it all again…at the real thing on the 13th at Jax Memorial Arena with the other THOUSANDS of hopefuls in the miserable heat.  Can’t wait!!!


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