An email out of the blue

Everyone asks me how I got into photography.  Did I study it in school?  Did I major in it?  Well I DID take classes in college, but never in a million years did I imagine it would be my profession.  EVER.  I just knew that I loved taking pictures.

I had this photography teacher in college, Mr. Shultz.  My most memorable exercise we did was one where he took us outside and said not to move from that spot.  Just takes photos.  What do you see?  Look at everything around you and see it from different angles and perspectives.  It’s so weird that what I or you may see is completely different than someone else.   I still use that technique today especially when I’m taking detail shots at receptions.  How many different ways can I see this image?  What offers a new perspective?

Anyway, I got a totally random email today that melted my heart.  It was from Mr. Shultz.  I haven’t seen him in over a decade, but I know he checks in me from time to time.  I know he’s followed my career from the very beginning because I would send him blogs and proofing sites to get his feedback.  It makes  me so happy to know that I’ve made him proud.

He wrote:

“I looked your business up on “LinkedIn” today, which led to me reading your reviews, which led me to your homesite to see your recognition from “The Knot:  Best of Weddings 2011” and “WeddingWire’s Bride’s Choice Award 2011,” which made my face sore from smiling so much.  Keep up the great work!”  He went on to say, “Trust me, every mentor can only hope his students surpass his status…that’s an even greater compliment.”

Mrs. Shultz, I would like to thank the best photography teacher in the world for everything you’ve done for me.  You put your heart and soul into teaching your students.  I will be forever grateful for the time you took to go above and beyond for us and your passion and love for photography.  I truly would not be the photographer or person I’ve become without your knowledge and encouragement.





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