How they met:

It’s funny, we actually met each other years ago, we just never realized it until we officially met again, three years ago. May of 2015, I went to the beach with my friend. I arrived at 10am and it was now getting close to around 2pm, I was ready to leave. My friend told me to wait, because her cousin and husband were coming. I knew them, so I decided to wait until they got there to say hi, then I would leave. I was starving and thirsty!! When they arrived, I saw a third person with them. It was him, Jon, my future husband.

I am extremely shy and quiet , so thankfully he is the COMPLETE opposite of me and immediately started talking to me, so I actually stayed a lot longer than I was planning. We hung out for a couple of hours, talked, played soccer and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed food. So I left, he never asked for my phone number. I believe it was a week or two later, I found him on Facebook and friend requested him, when I see the message from him in my inbox. From that moment, the rest is history. It’s so funny to think about that day at the beach, I was actually going to leave before they got there and when he tells the story he wasn’t even going to go to the beach that day, but his friend begged him to go. We like to think it was meant to be.

The other funny side to the story, is on my birthday I invited him to come out and celebrate. My best friend was there and told me that was Jon, her ex-boyfriend from high schools step brother. When I stopped to think about it, I remember meeting him once when I went over to their house one day. Of course, that was many years ago and would have never remembered him and he did not remember me. It’s funny to think we had that encounter so long ago and here we are planning our wedding.

How he proposed:

We decided to take a trip to Hawaii on August 2017. I had no idea he was going to propose, because we spoke about waiting, we just moved in together, we wanted to save money. I was OK with that, I never felt the need to rush anything or that need to get married. I always just told him, when you felt it in your heart that’s when you should do it. It was our third day in Hawaii, we decided to road trip up the west coast/ north shore of Oahu, hang out at Sunset Beach, find a place to snorkel, explore a little and try to eat a lot. After a fun day, we made it back to watch sunset at Sunset Beach and I see a bunch of crabs on the shore. I go and play with the crabs and Jon tells me he needed to use the bathroom, so he was going to look for somewhere to hide (there is nothing around) so he goes by the car. He leaves and I look at his phone and I see no picture of me with the crabs. I also remember thinking he was taking a long time to use the bathroom, but when he came walking back I said, “HEY! You didn’t get a picture of me with the crabs”. He says, I actually did him a favor when I asked him to take the picture of me, because he didn’t know how to get me to turn around. So I crouch down and play with the crabs (the pictures turned out horrible), then he says, “ok, turn around,” I turn and all cheesy, pose for a picture, when…He is down on one knee and says, “my love, will you marry me?” I was in such shock, because I didn’t even have a suspicion that this was going to happen. I think I stood there for a good minute looking around wondering if I was dreaming. When he extends his arm out further, to say like “hello, did you not hear me?” When my brain finally figured out what happened, I just started balling, and I mean the ugly kind of crying where your face distorts and your snorting. I wobble over to him and hug him (still crying), I shake my head in the yes motion, because, at this point, I can’t get words out.  This girl comes over and asks if we want a picture(still crying), I look horrible, tears everywhere, snot, eyes and face are red. She takes the picture, and I finally come to, I realize I didn’t even see the ring yet. So I yell out in excitement “LET ME SEE IT!” and he finally has the chance to put the ring on me. LOVE IT! We came full circle, we met on the beach and he proposed on the beach. Another funny part, is that same day, we went to sunset beach in the morning to swim/relax and hang out. He was snorkeling and he found a rock in the shape of a perfect heart. He said, that’s when he knew today was the day.

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