Atlantic Beach Performance Photo Shoot!

This is Danielle! A lot of our work leads us to connecting with businesses in the Jacksonville area but most of our work connects us to people in the wedding world! Through a series of recommendations from close friends and hearing their individual success stories, Tonya finally tried out Atlantic Beach Performance. She then convinced me to check it out. This is not just a regular gym. You walk in and feel instantly comfortable. One of the first things I noticed was that they didn’t have any mirrors. There are certain situations when mirrors can be your friend but when you are working out, I personally end up judging myself! The owner, Mark Avens, told me that they don’t worry with mirrors. If your form is wrong, the trainers will correct you (kindly) and your workout continues! Atlantic Beach Performance is completely welcoming to all of their clients. Their dedication truly shows in their work and enthusiasm for the clients. Honestly, they are truly encouraging while they push you to keep on going. Just check it out, you might be surprised.

Okay, so back to the shoot…Atlantic Beach Performance has a great staff and we had a great time shooting their photos. The photos truly show their personalities and the environment of the gym. And yes…the workouts incorporate all of the crazy equipment they are using plus a TON more!

The purpose of the shoot was for a photo used in their social media, BUT at the end we had some playful and fun action shots we wanted to share. =)

Tonya has been attending ABP for a few weeks, and she’s dragged me a long now as well.  Check back each week as we update our progress!  I

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