– Professional hair and makeup

– Unlimited number of photos taken

– Private online gallery for you to access 24/7 after the session. Active for 15 days.

  •  – 15 digital images
  • $650 plus tax

Have you been thinking about doing a boudoir session, but you’re SUPER nervous and don’t know if you can pull it off?  I get tons of  emails each week for boudoir sessions, and you girls all say the same thing.  You’re reluctant, scared, nervous, anxious…BUT you want to do something special for your husband or husband to be.  Good for you!  Just set it up, let me take care of the rest!  Oh, and PS you don’t have to be shaped like a barbie doll to pull this off.  No one actually has the body shape that we girls think we should have.  And that is just perfect!

Where are the sessions?

You can choose either my studio or my home.  I have a huge master suite with great natural light.  You are welcome to pay for a hotel if you prefer, although they are not my favorite to shoot.  They tend to be small and only have light coming from one direction.  But it’s up to you.

Can someone do my hair and makeup?

Yes!  I include professional hair and makeup in all of my packages.  I like a smoky eye, long thick eye lashes, big messy hair.  Once you arrive for your session, we look at your attire and come up with a perfect plan with the makeup/hair artist.

Will you have a drink ready to calm my nerves?

hahaha, we actually hear this a lot.  I can’t provide drinks b/c of licensing and liability, but you are very welcome to bring your own.  In fact, everyone does!

What should I bring?

I’m not a big fan of having every outfit come from victoria secret or be strictly lingerie.  I like a mixture.  One of my girls was married to a doctor so I suggested his lab coat and stethoscope.  One of my girls was marrying a lawyer so I had her bring his work shirt, tie, and his law books…oh and some super sexy glasses.   I generally suggest a tank top we can cut, boy shorts, etc.  So just start thinking out of the box.  When in doubt, just bring what you want and I’ll help you choose the day of!  Also bring lots of shoes, jewelry, etc.


I don’t have a sexy face…

Yes everyone says that.  Don’t worry, I’ll coach you ever step of the way.  I’ll tell you how to stand/lay, where to put hands, how to hold your face, etc.  It usually takes a few minutes of shooting to calm down and get comfortable, but once you hit the look I’m trying to get you to achieve, I show you the camera so you can be excited about what we got.  From there on out, it’s a breeze b/c you can see with your own eyes out hot the photo is.

I want my photos kept private.

Yep, I do too.  Boudoir photography is not something I even market.  I maybe post one or two photos from every other ten sessions?  Maybe?  I don’t want husbands looking at my website or blog for research on family sessions (yes, men book me too) and come across a half naked picture of a woman.  I don’t want my husband seeing that, so I try to keep my boudoir photos on the blog and site to a very minimum.  ALSO, obviously people want their private photos kept private.  I NEVER post any photo of any person without their consent.  They are all locked on my server, hidden, and password protected.  I’ve done sessions for school teachers, city officials, pastors wives, etc.  I’m a firm believer that this is a gift to do for yourself and your husband and should remain private!

I’m not skinny with big boobs. 

Yeah me neither.  I’ve always kept an active lifestyle and go to the gym regularly, but even still I don’t typically get smaller than a size 8.  It’s just not my build to be tiny…never has been.  I’ve had to learn to be okay with that, but not being a skinny minny definitely helps me knowing how to and how to not pose people.  I get questions from people asking me if I can try and hide their tummy for instance.  There are definitely poses that certain body types can’t do unless they want rolls hanging over.  I know this from my own personal self so it has always helped me in knowing how I can pose other people.  Plus there are tricks.  I will often remind you “deep breath in”.  If you take a deep breath in, it tucks in your core and lifts up the chest.  Boom!  Seriously I have your back so don’t worry!

I’m in a hurry to get my session done and back to me for a gift, how long does it take to see the photos?

Well, it takes about a week to edit.  Once you choose the photos, it takes about 2 weeks to get the book designed and back to us in print.  In busier seasons it can take longer, and sometimes we can do it quicker if necessary.  We can do a same day edit while you’re here if you want.  That is an extra $125 fee, but it’s doable.

How long does the session take?

It takes about an hour to hour and a half to have your hair and makeup done, and then we shoot for about an hour and a half to two hours.  It just all depends on how many outfits you have, what package you have, etc.  But we get a lot.  Don’t worry.

Do you edit these photos?

Yes! I edit them for the normal color correction and brightness.  I do smooth all the skin as well.  If you want extensive editing done outside of that, there is a fee.  I send off photos to an editing company to do the extensive editing just because it’s so time consuming.  So the cost would just depend on what their quote is for the job.  Typically everyone is just happy with the normal editing that we do.  It does the trick =)

Can I bring a friend?

Sure!  I recommend it!  They can’t be IN the room when we’re shooting though.  That always makes people even more nervous.  But they can definitely hang out with you during the hair/makeup and help you get dressed =)


Do you photograph the session?  Will it just be females around?

Yes, it’s only me doing the shooting, and nope – no boys around.  My assistant is around too.  And hair and makeup folks are girls only.

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