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To All the Bridesmaids Out There… {Share with your brides!}

This is Danielle, writing another post about all of the wedding questions we get! Feel free to email me at info@tonyabeaverphotography.com with any questions or ideas you may have for me to write about!

It seems like every article out there is about the bride…how to do this, how to do that, and so on. But what about the bridesmaids? This brings me to my first point. All of the articles are not going to be about you, and that is for a reason. Your friend is getting married and this is HER day. You are there to support, love, celebrate, and communicate with the bride! You will get your day but her wedding is all about her.

Before the Wedding: 

Communicate with the bride. She is going to be super overwhelmed with planning her wedding. Ask her if there is any way you can help her. It doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment, just send the bride a text and see if she needs a quick favor. Just today, I had a bridesmaid call to get an address for her sister who is getting married.

Take an active role in wedding planning. Yes, you may find yourself planning a knock-down drag-out bridal shower (I will save that for another post…) but you CAN also plan a simple event. Get together with the bride and one or two of the other girls, share a bottle (or two) of champagne and put together favors or help set up the centerpieces.

Express your style. The bride does have the ultimate decision in the choosing of the bridesmaids dresses. A lot of brides will meet halfway with their wedding party, you may not have the dress of your choice but perhaps you can choose your own shoes, accessories, or hair style. It is becoming more and more acceptable to allow the bridesmaids to show their own style with shoes that aren’t all the same color, hair styles that vary, or accessories that do not match but still flow with the wedding.

Wedding Day:

Be there for your friend. She has chosen you for a reason, she trusts and loves you enough to share her wedding day with you. Run around and find safety pins, hold the bouquet, carry her shoes, whatever simple task may need to get done can be done with your support.

Try not to demand too much. Your friend, the bride, could get overwhelmed with the wedding day. Help her experience her day by being loving and caring for her! Don’t worry, you look great! Now…help her look even better. Not too long ago…during a wedding toast Tonya had a bridesmaid tap her on the shoulder and ask for a picture with her boyfriend! This is NOT okay! Your friend just got married and is getting a toast from a person she loves. Interrupting the person that is responsible for photographing the special moment is not cool! Be there for your friend and be supportive, not demanding.

Set the tone for the reception. Guests will be looking at the wedding party for cues. I have seen bridesmaids MAKE the wedding day by contributing to the dancing in the reception. It does happen sometimes, the dinner ends, the music is blasting, but no one is taking charge on the dance floor. All the guests need is a cue to start having some fun! The bridesmaids need to see the opportunity to pick up the slack and dance the whole night away, if that is what is necessary! You will have a great time and the bride will be able to relax.

Bridesmaids are important to every wedding day. This is the ultimate test to being a good friend and shows just how much your friend loves you because she included you in her wedding day. Show her your support by being there for her, noticing the details, and making her day the best it can be. Celebrate with your friend! It is such a great occasion!


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