Busy season is BUSY =)

Just wanted to take a second in the middle of busy season to say WOW!  Things have been CRAZY to say the least.  Everyone knows that Florida has a big busy season for weddings that lasts all year except maybe 2 months. haha  Seriously though we’ve had a wedding every single weekend since mid Feb, weekend before last we had THREE weddings in ONE weekend.  Couple that with minimum of 2 shoots during the week, all the editing that comes with it, a big corporate event coming up, etc It’s just been —- a little overwhelming.  I definitely love it, but I just don’t want anyone to feel neglected.  We do the best we can do show everyone the same amount of attention through this time, but I just want to say I’m sorry to anyone that may feel like they aren’t my #1.  I do care about my couples and other customers, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that and can feel that.  But I just wanted to come up for a breath of air real quick to say hello, and I’m trying really hard to keep up with everything ahead of schedule like my normal OCD self.  LUCKILY, Danielle is majorly my backbone right now, and she’s taken so much off me.  She’s been posting more on the blog (isn’t she an awesome writer!), she culls all the photos from weddings and shoots, fulfills the orders, runs the errands, pays the bills…she seriously does SO much.  A huge shout out to D.  I would be lost without you =)

Okay, back at it.  Always remember if you don’t hear from me right away, you can email Danielle: info@tonyabeaverphotography.com.

I’ll leave you with a pic of me and my hubby at a wedding recently.  He was best man at his best friend’s wedding, and I was the photographer.  It was seriously a perfect day =)



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