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A few boudoir sneaks

I rarely post any boudoir pics b/c they are generally far too sexy to go on my wedding and family blog.  BUT, here are a few sneaks from our last boudoir sesh.  Thanks to Faythe Mesic for a gorgeous job on hair and makeup.  Wish we could show off more of these, but they are for my bride’s...

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Check out the new catalog!

I love to have a catalog to send to inquiring brides rather than just attaching a vague package list.  I like to show something that reflects all of what we do from start to finish as well personality.  SO this is what we came up with.  Hopefully you like it! Click “expand” to make full...

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  1. catalog looks awesome!

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Jessica’s boudoir photo book sneaks – Jacksonville boudoir photos and albums

Okay so Jessica rocked out her boudoir session.  In case you missed it, her story about her weight gain AND loss of FIFTY pounds is on my blog with some before and after pictures here:  Jess, I am SO SO SO proud of you.  You are one of the most beautiful people I know. ...

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Jessica’s Boudoir Sesh sneak peeks – Jacksonville Boudoir Photography

Jess and her mom came to meet with me sometime last year about photographing her upcoming wedding.  She told me that she was going to be working very hard to lose some weight before her big day.  Well of course we all say that as we’re planning our wedding day, but she really meant it.  For...

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  1. Jessica!!! My BFF!!! My eyes are tear-filled! I am so proud of you and I can’t tell you how inspirational you have been to me and countless others! I love you! These pictures are amazing! Congrats!
    By the way, the 3rd is my fave!

  2. Amazing story & gorgeous pictures! What an inspiration! ….and of course you couldn’t have picked a better photographer 🙂

  3. Jessica, I am an old friend of Tonya’s, in fact my grandmother baby sat her when she was little. So you might say I have know her all of her life. I am amazed at her work and it touches my heart to see that through her work that she can inspire beautiful women to achieve such milestones that you have made.
    Congratulations on the new look, you look amazing. Congratulations to you and your future husband. May your life together be happy and beautiful.
    Sissy Cofield.

  4. Wow, Jess! Even as a good friend of yours, I never knew ‘the story’. It brought tears to my eyes to read–then actually see what you’ve accomplished. Amazing! I am SO proud of you! Love you!

  5. You have always been beautiful inside & out at any size!
    I didn’t think you could ever become a better person than you already were, but you proved me wrong. Through your successful weight loss & being in love, you are a much brighter person. You feel the room with pure delight.
    I love you so much & I am so very proud of you!

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Your questions – answered. “How to prepare for really great photos.”

So I’ve been wanting to actually WRITE on the blog to have a bit of variety.  I’m terrible at writing, spelling, and grammar (which is why I take PHOTOS for a living!).  SO BEWARE!  But I’m biting the bullet and answering some of the questions that I hear.  A while back, I asked on my facebook fanpage for some...

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