Dan and Cyndy are married! {Oceanbreeze, Mayport Florida Wedding Photos}

I met “DJ Dan” years ago even before I started my career in the wedding industry through mutual friends.  We all NEVER expected Dan to ever settle down and have just one girlfriend…much less ever get married!  Well, that was before Cyndy came along.  These two met, fell in love, and here we are.

These two had a beautiful wedding day out at Oceanbreeze.  It’s a cute little venue in the Mayport Naval Base, and it’s very close to the beach.  You can get ready right there on site, and they have a little gazebo out back where you can have the ceremony.  We arrived to do a few getting ready details then we took the boys out for some formal photos.   Next it was Cyndy and her sister’s turn for photos, and as soon as we walked outside the wind started flying around their hair.  Cyndy was such a trooper and never complained, but we took very little time before heading back indoors to save the beautiful curls.

Their ceremony was so adorable, and after a few formal photos we headed indoors for their FUUUUNNNN reception.  Dan’s friend was the DJ, and he did an amazing job and keeping the crowd on the dance floor the entire night.  Honestly, from moment to moment we were so entertained with what was going on. =) After tons of dancing fun, cake cutting, and some REALLY great toasts by Dan’s brother and Cyndy’s sister the night was over, and the two of them exited through a tunnel of sparklers.  It was a perfect day for a perfect couple.

If you’re wondering about all the broccoli pictures, apparently Dan’s firefighter buddies told Dan being married is like eating broccoli….it’s just something you have to do and there’s only so many ways you can dress it up to taste like anything else and be exciting.  So when Dan proposed to Cyndy, he said he finally found his broccoli.  =)  Several guests handed Dan heads of broccoli through out the day, and I believe he even ended up with a broccoli boutonniere on.

Dan and Cyndy, thank you so much for letting me document your perfect day.  It was truly an honor…especially given the fact that you two have been our friends through the years, and Dan even DJ’d our own wedding.  You will always hold a special place in my heart as a friend and someone who played such a huge role in my own wedding story, so I’m thrilled to have been able to give that back to you.




Wedding Weekend Info:

Hotel accommodations for guests: The Hampton Inn on Beach Boulevard in Hodges
Rehearsal Dinner Location: None
Ceremony Location: The ocean breeze club on the Mayport Naval Station. It was a gorgeous location, overlooking the ocean.
Reception Location: The ocean breeze club on the Mayport Naval Station.
Caterer: The ocean breeze club on Mayport Naval Station.
Wedding Coordinator: Dan & Cyndy Joubert
Photographer: Tonya Beaver! Tonya is a true professional. Tonya and her assistant were very creative and captured every detail. They were awesome! They arrived while we were getting ready as to not miss a single moment. She is in the right place at the right time for the action photos. Tonya is always on top of her game. We feel very privileged to have had Tonya as our photographer.
Videographer: Jax Videos, Lee David and his assistant did a great job! They were professional and I was happy to have them there to get it all on film. They were a very important behind the scenes part of my wedding.
Cake: Metro Cakes. Steve &Trisha, The cake was absolutely beautiful! We had five different flavors of cake. All were very delicious. We even had a fountain in the cake. Steve and Trisha are very easy to work with. I asked Steve to create a grooms cake which looked like a piece of broccoli. It was incredible!
Florist: Lori Parker Flowers. Lori was great to work with! The flowers were gorgeous! Lori was very creative and able to work within our budget. She has great vision and make the reception hall look phenomenal
Entertainment: DJ Basco Entertainment. He was awesome! He reassured us of the timing and did a great job keeping everyone entertained. He lit the reception hall up like a candle with his up lighting. The place was beautiful. He asked us what we wanted in the reception and stuck to all of our requests.

Before the Wedding …
How did you two meet? We met six years ago on a blind date. We were introduced by a friend And have been inseparable from that day.

How did he propose? We went to the Japanese steakhouse for evening dinner. My parents, my daughter and her boyfriend along with Cyndy’s sons, and my brother were all present. I told the chef that I was an expert hot table cooker at home. The chef invited me behind the hot table to cook and show off my expertise. I did some fancy moves with the spatula and proceeded to write in oil “Will you marry me”
I got Down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

How did you decide on your color scheme, flowers, and cake? We both like the color green and knew it would go with an outdoor wedding. The cake is easy, I asked Steve and Trisha with Metro cakes to create a masterpiece which they definitely did! The flowers we ask Lori Parker to go ahead and use her creative imagination to make a flower wonderland. Everything was beautiful.

How did you decide on your invitations, and who did you use? We were getting married near the beach so we decided to go with a beach invitation. The outdoorsy look with sand, shells and a lighthouse. We used Vista print to create the invitations.

Where did you go for your honeymoon? Excellence Riviera Mayan Cancun. It was wonderful! We went on a seven night all-inclusive. We didn’t know that Paradise was only an hour and 38 minute flight from Orlando international Airport.
If you could give yourself any advice prior to the wedding, what would it be? We had a few no-shows to our wedding. If I had it to do over I would focus on inviting my friends not acquaintances. A wedding is very expensive and you pay for everyone that has been invited, even the no-shows.


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