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I'm Tonya, a photographer located in Jacksonville Florida.

Telling beautiful stories is what I do. Whether it be weddings, babies, families - I genuinely cherish being a part of it all.

I'm inspired by sincere love, authenticity, and real emotions.

I can't wait to tell your story.

Date for next shooting and editing classes!

Based on feedback from the last class, I’ve decided to offer the class again for those of you that missed it last time! I will also be doing an editing class following the camera class. You are welcome to join me for one or both, but book soon as it will fill up quickly! I really want to be able to spend a lot of one on one time with each person while we’re shooting, so I’m keeping the classes small.


How to use your SLR Class – May 16th from 1pm to 3:30 pm 

The cost is only $50 and includes:
Discussion time:
* Finding your own individual and unique style
* Getting familiar with your camera and lenses.
* Shooting in manual mode – We will discuss in detail ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance.
Hands on shooting a family session:
*1-2 hours on-site photographing a family session (let’s just go shoot until everyone gets a turn and feels like they’ve accomplished learning something new!) – I’ll take my turn first to show how I generally start a session, start the posing process and work into getting everyone comfortable.  From there, each person will take their own turn posing and being the main shooter.
* 10 (if not more) minutes of individualized instruction with Tonya while you are photographing a family – I’ll stand beside you as you pose and shoot so you can ask any questions as you’re going.  
* 90 minutes of free range shooting to practice all of the information and techniques you will learn. – While each person has their individual turn getting to pose the family, the rest of the group can be shooting from alternate angles.  This is a great way to learn how to catch the in between moments and not always feeling like your images look very staged and unnatural. 
* All images you capture belong to you for your advertising purposes.  (I’m sure the family we are shooting would love to have a few of your images too!)
* Option to send me several photos for feedback.

Editing your photos in Photoshop – May 16th from 4pm to 6 pm 

The cost is only $75 and includes:
* Batch editing with Camera Raw to adjust lighting and temperature
* Basic retouching such as removing minor blemishes and red eye
I recommend bringing your own computer with Photoshop and Camera Raw plug-in to follow along with me, but if you can’t bring one I will have what I’m doing up on a TV for you to observe and take notes.
Please note – I don’t claim to be an amazing teacher by any stretch of the imagination nor a photography expert.  I love photography, and I love hanging out with people so to me this sounds like my favorite day.  On a weekly basis I’m stopped either at the gym, church, or on a shoot by someone who says they wish they could learn what all the manual settings mean.  I really do want to help and see people understand what their camera can do, how to read light and use it to your advantage, how to create your own style IN CAMERA so you don’t have to rely on photoshop actions (I am NOT a fan of any actions!).  So I just thought this could be a really fun opportunity to do all of those things.  This setting will be very laid back, NON INTIMIDATING, and I make it my personal challenge to have you walk away feeling more confident in your shooting.
Email me or Amber for more info!  info@tonyabeaverphotography.com OR tonya@tonyabeaverphotography.com

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