Don’t do bootcamp! One of my friends is way cooler…and better at getting you into shape!

Okay so my friend, Angela, is a trainer and taking on a couple new clients.  Several of my brides have used her, and they’ve all been very happy with their results.  She’s so much fun.  You can train with her individually or get a group of your friends together.  Either way, expect to be pushed…but see results!
Her info:
-Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from The College of New Jersey
-CSCS(certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA( national strength and conditioning Association)
-USATF Level I Certified
-Bootcamp Personal Training Leader
-7-time all-american and 2-time national champ in track in field
-currently training for the US olympic trials
Here’s a pic of her I snapped when we were out one day.  She picked up Jax’s Running Mag, and there she was on the cover!   Can’t get better than that…


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