Photography: What to Expect After Your Wedding…

This is Danielle writing! Brides spend so much time planning for their wedding day! The photos of your wedding day will stand as your forever memories of your day. We live in such an instant world that it has become the norm in many parts of our lives. It wasn’t so long ago that we had to use film on wedding days!

Which leads me to the big question of this blog?…what should a bride expect after her wedding? What is an acceptable time frame to have to wait for your photos? What can and cannot be edited out of photos? What should you do with your photos once you receive them?

Time Frame: I can only speak for how this office works. Tonya tries to get her photos turned around as quickly as possible. The day after the wedding, Tonya will post a sneak peek of the wedding online. Usually, this is one or two formal photos of the couple! As for getting the entire wedding day edited, we try to take no more than a month. If your wedding is in the middle of busy season, the photos are edited in order of the events. The quality of the photos is so very important to your day and we always do our best to perfect the finished product! Brides should expect an online proofing gallery of all of their wedding photos and also a disc of their wedding proofs. The gallery can be shared with your family and friends and is made for online orders….We allow unlimited access to the proofing gallery and it definitely benefits brides (especially those with families that live all over the country). Your family and friends can order the pictures that they love without you having to do all of the work!

Editing: You hear it all of the time at wedding days “Oh she can photoshop that out!” I definitely know Photoshop is an amazing program and can truly alter photos in numerous ways! BUT it is not easy to edit things out of photos like let’s say a large truck in the background or an entire person. All of the photos taken at your wedding are professionally edited. Tonya likes the photos to have a bold effect — a pop of color and smooth the skin. We definitely love editing and think it can make the pictures awesome BUT a professional photographer should take excellent photos without a lot of editing! If you need something major edited out of a photo, we will deal with that on an individual basis. The normal amount of editing for a wedding is that pop of color and skin smoothing!

Products: Now that everything has gone digital, your wedding photos could sit in digital oblivion for years and years without ever being enjoyed! Take some time soon after your wedding with your spouse to choose your favorite wedding photos. It doesn’t take long, is a super fun way to relive your day, and it guarantees your pictures don’t get stuck online forever!  I highly recommend a wedding album! Wedding albums showcase each part of the day and help you relive those special moments. Get some professional prints for a photo collage, choose a favorite or two to hang as a canvas in your home, or buy a few accordion books for your family members! Almost every couple looks for a gift to give their parents after the wedding day — photos of the day always make the best gift!! Photographers should offer various products and there should be something to appeal to anyone’s style. For example, we offer metal prints, magnets, phone cases, accordion photo books, coasters, notepads, canvases, and more.

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