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I'm Tonya, a photographer located in Jacksonville Florida.

Telling beautiful stories is what I do. Whether it be weddings, babies, families - I genuinely cherish being a part of it all.

I'm inspired by sincere love, authenticity, and real emotions.

I can't wait to tell your story.


Weekday family session Fee: $500


1 hour session time, standard editing of images, download of all edited high resolution images

Add ons:

Weekend Shoot $50,       Extended family add on : $150,       More extensive editing (cost based on editing time)             4×6 $8, 5×7 $11, 8×10 $17

After each session is edited, we invite you to our studio to review the images together.  We choose your favorite photos and then narrow them down until we have truly found your must keeps.  From there you can either choose to create wall art, a book, or just stick with digitals.  I find that most family session clients love making a book.  It’s the perfect way to keep all their favorite images in format that really wows people when they see it.  It’s also pretty common to have their best image made to canvas.  And of course everyone wants a few digitals if not all of them with the slideshow.  Regardless of what you choose, I’m here to help you through that process and show you all of the options.  I’m absolutely not pushy to make a sale. I want you to walk away from this experience 1000% happy with the process and the end result.

Where is the session?

We can do the session at my studio or out in your favorite outdoors spot.  I have several locations to choose from depending on what look you want to go for.  Email me with your vision, and I’ll set it up for you.  Don’t have a vision?  That’s fine too!  I’m happy to help you get there.

What should we wear?

This answer completely depends on each individual client and where we are choosing to do the session.  I’m a visual person so I always suggest people look on pinterest and see what family photos pop out at them, and then use that as a guide for building the clothing pieces. Feel free to email me photos of outfits, and I’ll offer my opinion.

When can I expect to see my photos?

I usually take two to three weeks to edit the photos.  I invite you back to my studio and see all of the photos with me.  From there we can go through and pick your favorites.  I can help you decide on printing of pictures, adding canvases, or even making books.  It’s totally up to you where you want to go from there.  But it is imperative that we sit and look through them together.  I leave a LOT in the collection, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose favorites.  So I have software and a professional eye that can help you out.

What all combos do you take?

I start with the big group family photo b/c that’s generally the most important shot to really nail down.  From there we’ll break out and do different combos – just the kids, just the parents, each child, sometimes I’ll do a girls only shot, boys only shot, etc.  We’ll do posed pics, but I’ll also have you do more natural things that will be more in the moment.  Bottom line, you get a lot, and you get a lot of variety.  And by all means if you have specific ideas, please share them with me!  I’m always game for anything.

I don’t really know what I want to do with the images, can you help me?

Yes definitely!  That’s what I’m here for.  After the session, I’ll have you come into the studio, and I’ll help you decide on narrowing down photos, which photos work well together, etc.  I have software that allows us to use a picture of  your walls to show you exactly how different sizes and options will look.  No measuring, no guessing.  So you can visually see how things will look.  It. Is. AWESOME!

Do you edit photos?

Yes!  I definitely adjust the brightness need be and pop the color.  I smooth everyone’s skin so it’s a smooth look.  Sometimes especially for beach photos I have to remove other beach goers out of the images, etc.  Sometimes I have to replace the sky. There is a LOT involved with post processing which is covered in the sitting fee.  When we all view the images together, we can discuss further editing.

My kids don’t look happy all the time like I see in your photos.

I get this a LOT.  Yes, children are not always happy.  Certain ages bring their own challenges, but we just roll with it and somehow it all ends well.  My suggestion is to bring lots of snacks and water.  Low blood sugar gets the best of all of us.  And  favorite candy used as bribery also works wonders.  Beer works great for husbands. =)


Graduation Collection #1 ($375) includes:
  • a photo session in the location of your choice
  • two to three outfit changes
  • professional editing of all photos
  • a $50 print credit.
Graduation Collection #2 ($500) includes:
  • a photo session in the location of your choice
  • two to three outfit changes, professional editing of all photos
  • 75 professionally designed graduation announcements with envelopes
  • a 16×20 canvas.
Graduation Collection #3 ($700) includes:
  • a photo session in the location of your choice
  • two to three outfit changes
  • professional editing of all photos
  • a 20-page photo book
  • a 16×20 canvas featuring the photo of your choice
  • 75 professionally designed graduation announcements with envelopes

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  1. I am interested in scheduling a session for my family to get pictures. My wife and I our 2 boys and our golden retriever. We live in Palencia and feel it is a great location for a photo shoot. What is your availability?

  2. I’m celebrating my sons birthday on March 30 from 1.00 to 3.30 pm. I want pictures of the event that we are as a wonderful memory. Location JG & CC between Beach and Hodges. what would be the budget for the event?

    Mary Jo

  3. Hello, I would like to schedule a family session with my 17 and 14 year old children.

  4. Hi Pam! Just email me at tonya@tonyabeaverphotography.com and we can get you set right up! =)

  5. Hello, my fiance and I are expecting and we would like a fun photo session that would announce the pregnancy.

  6. I would like to do a couples photoshoot, I have already spoke to Pink Shutter and was wondering if you could offer us something better.

  7. Hi, My family of 6 adult children are coming to the Beaches from July 4 – 8 primarily for a memorial service for my brother. I grew up at the Beach. Since my kids live in New York and California we don’t often get all together, so I’d like to schedule, if they are amenable, to get a family photo with the 6 of us (sons, spouse and fiancee and husband and I). My thought would be that we’d do it at the ocean — a place we all love. We will be staying in Jacksonville Beach. The issue is I’m leaving on July 10th — not 3 weeks later. If I chose to go with you, how might be handle this?
    And, for a beach shot — what should we wear? I am so not going to be in a bathing suit! Thanks so much, Susan

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