Don’t be THAT guy {Wedding Photography Edition}

Look around you…there is always the person that is that guy! With wedding ceremony’s, THAT guy is the one that stands in the aisle while the bride is walking toward the groom. He jumps in the shot and even blocks the bride from seeing her husband! If you are cringing inwardly right now, just admit it…you are THAT guy and can save yourself now!

To the brides:

We have mentioned this in the blog before…weddings are about sharing a special day with your family and friends. A lot of the memories can be recorded through photos and video but you have hired a photographer to record these moments. With the amount of accessible technology, people just use their phones, iPads, digital cameras, and who knows what else to get pictures. During the ceremony, that means dealing with people standing in the aisles, near the altar, or even in their seat! A photographer that is capturing a candid moment cannot stop to have a guest move out of the shot…you just have to keep shooting and hope for the best. I don’t see a major issue with this during the reception and less formal moments, but during the ceremony use of cameras and cell phones should be limited. If I were getting married tomorrow, I personally would put a lock on photos during the ceremony.

Many couples are choosing to have an ‘unplugged’ ceremony, or one without the use of technology. You can put signs up at the ceremony, you can tell guests on the wedding website or invites, you can have the officiant say something prior to the ceremony, or have someone from your family say something to the guests. Your family and friends will respect your wishes and hopefully keep their devices put away. Not only do devices get in the way of the photographer, they also interfere with the ceremony. Whether the couple chooses to have a religious ceremony or not, it is still a celebration of a couple and their marriage. Many people see it as respect for the institution of marriage. That is just our opinion!!

To the guests: If you must take photos during the ceremony then stay in your seat, accept that you will not get the best shot because you can’t be in the aisle during the ceremony, if you are a guest at a wedding just be a guest! You can rest assured that the photographer will get great family formals and also a variety of pictures of the bride and groom. So…go to the wedding and have a great time!

The photos below were captured because the photographer was able to get the right angle! Catching the bride’s expression and the groom’s joy are so important in a wedding ceremony!


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