Jack and Lucy’s newborn pictures!

This shoot was extra special to me because I’ve known Kasey and her family for most of my life.   I had a close friend drive up to Valdosta with me to the shoot, and we kept saying “Can’t believe we’re taking Newborn photos for them…gosh, we’re old!” =)  Nevertheless, the shoot was awesome and so much fun.  It’s always so funny how you can see the personalities of babies from such a young age.  Jack was content with whatever.  Lucy on the other hand…she didn’t want to be bothered with these pictures. LOL  She is so cute.  We would get Jack asleep and comfy and try to position Lucy near, and she would scream and be upset…bumping into her brother, and he would just sleep right through it.

It was so much fun.  Thanks Kasey and Josh for letting me take their newborn photos.



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