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Kathleen is my hands on assistant during newborn and children photo sessions in the studio. She sees things from a different perspective, not only as an assistant but as a mom. So I’ve asked her to write some points and tips for newborn shoots. Hopefully you find something here helpful. Thank you Kathleen! (PS we send out a pdf on how to prepare for your session which includes in detail much of these. So don’t worry, you’ll be completely prepared to walk into your session with us.)

  1. Keep your baby awake if possible: We need to have a sleepy baby for posing so we’ll have some ideas on how to keep your baby awake for the hours leading up to the session. That way when you arrive to the studio, you can feed and we’ll have a sleepy baby.
  2. Bottle (formula and or breast milk): It’s really awesome that if we DO need to take feeding breaks that we can do that ourselves rather than hand the baby back over to mom for breastfeeding. Obviously this is a personal preference from the parents as to how they want to feed. BUT when asked from our moms if we would like to have a bottle prepared, the answer is always yes and makes a huge difference for us to offer snacks as needed.
  3. Pacifiers: Again this is personal preference. Having a pacifier available for the posing process definitely helps sooth the transitions.
  4. Props (family mementos, headbands, bows, flowers, sports memorabilia): We have a studio full of props, outfits, wraps, etc. But if you have family or nursery specific items, please feel free to bring.
  5. Baby brush: Remember we keep the shooting area super warm which usually means some hot mess of hair. Kathleen is always super funny about “perfect” hair.
  6. Family matching outfits (matching color shirts, extra shirts Incase of accident): We typically recommend either all back or all white shirts for shoots. When I make suggestions for this, I ask families where the images will be going. Will this family photo potentially end up on your wall at home? If so, then what’s going to be best match your home decor? (I tend to lean WAY over to clean, light, modern, simple…so white/cream is always my favorite choice. And I feel like it brightens up a space if placed on your wall.)
  7. Ipad, book or computer: Sessions are a few hours long. So bring something to occupy yourself or better yet, take a nap!
  8. Make-up: Most moms wait until it’s their turn in the session to throw on some makeup or straighten hair. So feel free to bring whatever you would like and get ready at your leisure.
  9. Food, snacks and a drink: Again, it’s going to be a while. So bring your fav snacks/drinks so you can just settle in.
  10. Last but not least (this one is from Tonya). More often than not, I hear moms say at the end of the session “whew that went way better than I expected. I was super anxious!” I am a big believer is just settling in, being calm, finding peace in situations. So if I can offer any suggestions AHEAD of the shoot it’s just to come in with no expectations and no worry. Let things unfold how they should. Because they always do, just beautifully. I promise.

Hopefully these tips have helped! We are so excited for your shoot too =)

Tonya and Kathleen

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