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Tonya Beaver Photography is a photo studio located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida providing: newborn, children, family, engagement, and wedding photography.

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Love Story:

How did you two meet? 

We attend and are very involved at the The Church of Eleven22; well I am on staff and he is a serve staff. Our paths crossed during services and he would tell you that as he was praying for a godly wife he looked up and I was there. From that moment it has been a fun, wild, challenging and wonderful journey. J I introduced him to my two daughters whom he has grown to love as his own, definitely not an easy task as they are now 17 and 14. Over our 3 years together we have enjoyed traveling together and found a love for craft beer put these together and we ended up with Asheville, NC as our destination wedding location. We are very different people but after 3 years of dating made the choice to keep choosing each other every day. I could not have asked for a better man to be a part of our lives.

How did he propose?

Such a great story, laughing even as I type this. I was told we were meeting up for a Costco run but we had both had not so awesome days so on a whim [so I thought] he threw out why don’t we meet up a Chili’s for a beer and chips and ranch first. This may seem odd to you but Chili’s has the best chips and you have to try them with ranch. It is one of our go to order-in’s on Friday night. Anyway, we are meeting at Chili’s – the girls [my daughters] and I walk in and in a booth is his sister, her husband, and 3 of our close friends. They were all grinning ear to ear handed me a note as I took a seat. I knew right away something was up. My note said sorry I missed you, enjoy a few sips and head down to Hoptinger [another one of our favorite spots, you will see a trend here]. We walk in and 2 more couples are there to greet me and yes with another note, “I can’t believe I missed you again, you are going to have to catch up. Head down to V’s, see you soon.” It’s not far so the girls and I walk down excited to see what’s next; I mean I knew by the first stop something was going on. We head in to find a table full of friends and yes of course another note… “One last stop babe, head over to our friends beach house, can’t wait to see you.” We grab the car, take the quick ride and are welcomed by another group of friends with one last note. “Come on down to the beach babe, I will be there waiting.” I start walking down and he meets me about halfway; we are both smiling, probably a little nervous but excited about what we both know is about to happen. Toes in the sand with the sound of waves crashing in the background he kneels down and asks me to be his wife. What an amazing day; there was nothing else to say but yes he placed the ring on my finger and our all of our friends and family from every stop ran down on the beach to celebrate with us. We popped some bubbly and cheers’ to the future!

Wedding planning:

How did you decide on your color scheme, flowers, and cake?

I wanted soft and simple and earthy which to me meant blush and sage for the colors. eucalyptus, baby’s breath and some subtle pinks for the flowers. We looked around quite a bit for the perfect cake- Publix has the best Chantilly cake I have ever tasted and Publix figured out a way to make it two tier and partially naked. We laid it on a bed of eucalyptus and it looked absolutely stunning.    

How did you decide on your invitations, and who did you use?

I love opportunities to be creative and making the engagement announcement and wedding invitation was so much fun. I used to make both.

What was the most fun part of wedding planning?

Sharing it with my friends and family. Doing the research, sharing images, pictures, laughing over the details. My husband [to be at the time] really enjoyed being a part of the planning; we definitely did not agree on everything but we had a blast doing it together!

Which part did you not like as much?

Planning from afar; I loved the end result and would not change a thing but having a DIY wedding in another state had its challenges.

What are the biggest pieces of advice you wish you would have known before the wedding day.

You need more time than you think the day of. You may be thinking I have all day to get ready but between tasks, questions, enjoying the day and getting ready it will fly by.

Wedding Weekend Info:

(please provide name and website)

Hotel accommodations for guests: NA

Rehearsal Dinner Location: We opted for an unconventional brew hop that started at one of our favorites; Wicked Weed Brewing Company.
Ceremony Location: Canaan Valley Farms
Reception Location:  Canaan Valley Farms
Caterer: Smash Events
Wedding Coordinator: Belle Crouse
Photographer: Tonya Beaver
Cake: Publix Bakery 

Florist: Shady Grove Flowers  

Officiate:Pastor Joby Martin
Hair: Della Terra Beauty

Make-up: Della Terra Beauty
Entertainment: DJ Jamie Munn


Dress: Michaels Formalwear

Shoes: Amazon  

Dresses: Lulus   
Groom and Groomsmen Wear: Michaels Formalwear     

other vendors who contributed that we need to mention?

In your words, can you give a
storyline of your wedding day?

I spent the night before with
a few girlfriends [which I would highly recommend]; what better way to spend
your last single night than talking, laughing, having some wine and stay up too
late. We got up early, grabbed some coffee from a local coffeehouse and headed
over to the venue. A few fun details to take care of like placement of flowers,
guest book, pictures, sparklers, etc.

I had it easy. It had snowed
the weekend before and was now melting which left us with an aisle of mud. My
husband, his dad, my dad, the groomsman and a few other friends spent the
majority of the day making a lovely plywood aisle. No heels in the mud for this
wedding day!

What was the high point of your wedding day that you hope to remember

I have two.

The vows; such a meaningful moment I
loved staring in the eyes of the man I am going to spend my life with and
saying such powerful words. I am printing them out to be constant reminder of
my promise and covenant.

The pictures; even though we were
freezing we had such a fun time. My favorite part was that we got to take some
time to ourselves to be silly and just have fun. It is your first hour as a
married couple and you get to enjoy each other in such a great way- making
memories to cherish forever.

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