Jennifer and Patrick are married! 3/14/09


Above is a picture of the bouquet of flowers Patrick had sent to Jen on their wedding day.  It was accompanied by a very sweet note of course 🙂  Also is a shot of Jen's grandmother holding Jen's rings. 

These girls were FUN and up for anything! 


Jen is a beautiful bride.  Such a sweetheart! 🙂


These guys were hillarious.  Every other sentence was someone asking me what kind of camera I shoot with and what settings I had selected for the shots (as they admitted they had no idea about any of it!)


I think it's obvious from these pictures how happy these two are.  Patrick spilled some of his sand. He blurted out, "woops, my love spilled over!" 


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  1. They look like they were having alot of fun.

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