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Jennifer and Mike have been married for two whole days now! I wanted to post a few sneak peeks and write a little about their big day -now- while it’s still fresh in my head. Right off the bat, I have to say they had the MOST beautiful light for us to work with…all day long. Their wedding was at Jennifer’s aunt’s home which had THE most beautiful natural light for us to use. It was a photographer’s dream. And for all of their formals post ceremony, we had this most gorgeous sunset off in the distance. It was so fun. And they were both such great sports for letting us just be so excited and take a few extra minutes to soak it all up for them. I’m so excited about their wedding collection, and I’m already super stoked to share it.

Enough about photography…the details about the big day.
Like I said, the wedding was at Jen’s aunt’s house. There’s something about back yard weddings that I just love. They are so intimate being in someone’s home. Jen’s family was so gracious to all of us during the day and really worked hard to make everything perfect…for EVERYONE all day long. Super great family. I arrived and met the girls getting ready in a loft upstairs. One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is getting to meet and spend time with so many great girls. And these girls were incredible. Jen was a bit nervous when I got there which is super normal.  It’s so much planning, so many moving pieces that no one tells you about before wedding planning.  But she did such a great job of breathing through it and staying grounded.  That takes practice…and knowing how much yoga she does – that’s a journey that is familiar and it was beautiful to see her work through it.

The groomsmen were on site and GREAT sports for letting us put them in a spare room to wait out the girl’s photos.  They were much tamer than the other guys we’ve seen this season (I’m laughing out loud reminiscing of all the boys from the last few months…they’ve been fun and entertaining).  But these guys had a certain sense of humor that kept us on our toes.  Lots of laughs for sure…LOTS OF LAUGHS.

The ceremony was so beatuiful. I wanted to  pop my phone out for 2 seconds and write down a phrase the officiant said, and I just didn’t have the time.  But was something similar to “Remember that each moment only comes once, so acknowledge it and live it to the fullest”.  It just melted my heart to see the scene of these two saying their vows to each other in such a beautiful setting, with their friends and family present, and hearing such simple yet so profound words.  Wedding days are SO fast.  I was just truly hoping these two were in fact able to fully feel and remember that moment and all of their wedding day moments.

After the ceremony we went right into family photos.  I love this part bc it’s where I get to very quickly interact with the immediate families and get a sense of all the personalities.  We had some characters, some REALLY fun one liners I heard, and of course lots of love for the couple.  Right into some fun wedding party photos which were also full of laughs.  Lastly into some really gorgeous photos for Jennifer and Mike with the most amazing sunset I’ve seen in a while.

DJ Steadman introduced the couple and got them right into their first dance.  The rest of the night was really fun with hours of dancing and singing.  They enjoyed a private last dance together and a sparkler exit.  All in all an amazing day.  Lastly I just want to say how epic the food was.  These two are in the food industry and let me tell you, their friends did the catering and shared with me some of the best food I’ve had in a LONG time.  They were in the kitchen the whole time we were bouncing in and out working, and they were just so great to banter with through the day.

The last thing that comes to mind is something Jennifer said the day after.  I try to leave my couples  alone the day after a wedding because I know family is still in town and they are super busy.  But I”m always dying to know how they FEEL that next day.  Happy with how things went? Able to remember it all?  Disappointed in any way? Etc. So Jen reached out with a sweet thank you via text.  I replied with my you’re welcome and asked her how she felt everything went, and her response melted me.

“I am beyond happy. We both are – we stood back and looked around while our families were dancing together and it was surreal.

Everything was better than we even dreamed of.  Thank you so much! 🙏🏻 I’m sad it’s over but our memory of the day will always be amazing”.

They had that particular moment only once.  They stood back and took it in…together.  What a beautiful moment I hope they remember forever and ever.

Jennifer and Mike, no words describe the honor I feel to be chosen as your wedding photographer.  Your love story is beautiful.  Your wedding day was epic.  And I can’t wait to share the photos with you soon.  You two having something special.  Each of life’s moments only come once.  So be sure to take them in…together.  Love you guys. xoxo

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  1. We love you too!!! I just cried reading this – we were honored to have you. Mike and I were discussing how watching you work was an amazing experience for us.
    Thank you for the sneak peak of bridesmaids with me- I love it ❤️❤️❤️

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