Just got this sweet email from one of my couples!

Ok so I love my job.  It has many, MANY perks.  One of my favs is when I get a thank you note or email.  This one is from Jessie and Craig, one of my couples from years ago.  We’ve kept in touch, and we recently shot their anniversary photos.   I just have to say, Jess is seriously one of the most funny people I know.  Pretty much every email or comment she ever makes has me laughing out loud.  She’s a pure joy.

 Jess sent this email to me today:

My dearest Tonya, I wasn’t sure whether to send this to you here or send you an e-mail so…yah. I just wanted to thank you so much for everything over the past 2 1/2 years. From our shoot at the Florida Theatre, to our wedding where you prevented me from going to jail for murdering our D.J., to our most recent shoot you have been amazing. You never make me feel like I’m being needy or crazy although I know sometimes I am. Your love, compassion, and excitement for what you do and who you work with shine through every picture and make each shoot priceless. You are a wonderful person and photographer and please don’t think that when we have a baby you won’t be the first person we call for pictures. Thank you for capturing the most important moments of our life so far and for also being a part of them. Jessica and Craig


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