Laura and Nathan’s E session {Camp Montgomery Engagement Session}

Last week we traveled to Camp Montgomery for Laura and Nathan’s session.  It was SO Much fun as we dodged alligators and locusts.  Okay so that’s a little exaggerating, but still it was SOOO fun hanging out with them.

Here’s their lovestory per Nathan =)

From an early age, Laura and I both loved being away at summer camp. We spent years swimming and canoeing in Lake Crystal, building camp fires and roasting s’mores, and camping out under the stars at Camp Montgomery, a small Presbyterian camp located outside of Keystone Heights, Florida. While we spent many summers at Camp Montgomery as campers, Laura and I never crossed paths. However, in 2005, both of us were selected as summer camp counselors, and we met on the first day of staff training. We immediately became friends despite our different hobbies and interests, and we bonded over our love of counseling kids and the outdoors. Laura and I realized we had even attended camp during the same week as campers, and were able to find old camp pictures where both of us, despite not knowing each other at the time, were seated only a few feet apart. After the summer ended, Laura and I stayed in touch as friends for two years, despite attending separate schools (Nathan at UCF and Laura at UF). Two years later, we were reunited as part of the summer camp staff of 2007. Much to the dismay of the camp director, Laura and I began dating shortly thereafter, and we have been madly in love ever since! Over the summers, Laura and I had to keep our relationship quiet from the campers. Therefore, we communicated primarily through handwritten notes. It was only fitting that I proposed to Laura on Christmas Eve by giving her a photo album sharing pictures of us throughout the years, concluding with a handwritten note asking her to marry me.

Although many years have passed since our summers at Camp Montgomery, we will always remember it as the place that we met and built our relationship. Immediately after Laura and I got engaged, we knew we wanted to return to Camp Montgomery for our engagement pictures to memorialize this special place for us. Thank you, Tonya, for making this dream a reality. It was incredibly special to be back at Camp – a place we will forever remember as where we fell in love.

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