Lillian and Greg’s Engagement session at Jacksonville Golf and Country Club

It was SO nice to finally meet Lillian and Greg!  We actually met and did all our planning/booking of their wedding over the phone months ago because they live in New Jersey.    They were to  be coming down for the week of their wedding so we scheduled their Engagement session for the day they were to be flying down.   The tropical depression, Julia, had been hanging around for a few days, but we decided to make do and roll with it.  However, I got an email from Lillian a few hours prior that Greg had gotten very sick…and she eventually took him to the ER!  Mind you, this is the WEEK of their wedding!  Never a dull moment in weddings, that’s for sure.  Well, the doctors gave Greg some medicine for his very upset stomach, and we did the session the next morning.  Thanks Jacksonville Golf and Country Club for letting us use your space for this shoot.  Their wedding is October 1st in Amelia Island at the Ritz Carlton.  It’s going to be gorgeous!


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